Aerial bombing

May 3 2007

The first bombs ever dropped from the air fell on the Ottoman Empire.

Four small grenades were dropped over Libya on November 1 1911 during the Italian-Turkish War of 1911-1912. Italy had been using aircraft to monitor Turkish troop movements and search for artillery positions. Giulio Gavotti threw them from his (Austrian) Taube monoplane into a Turkish camp at Ain Zara from an altitude of 600 feet. No one was injured.

More were dropped over Thrace by a Bulgarian military aircraft, a German-built Albatross F-2, on October 16 1912, during the Second Balkan War. The pilot, Radul Milkov, and an observer, Prodan Tarakchiev, on a reconnaissance mission over the Turkish army’s positions in Adrianople, released them from specially designed compartments.

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