Five-year plans

July 20 2007

India has just started its Eleventh Five-Year Plan. Most countries have vaguer and longer-range goals now: 2020 visions.

Here is a link to the Soviet Unions’s thirteen (1928-91). The Nazis, not wishing to look communist, began a Four-Year Plan in 1936.

Five-year plans of China

Five-year plans of Ethiopia

Five-year plans of Nepal

Five-year plans of Pakistan

Five-year plans of Romania

Five-year plans of South Korea

Five-year plans of Vietnam

First Malayan Five-Year Plan

One Response to “Five-year plans”

  1. […] or White Sea Canal (Belomorkanal), a ship canal built by forced labour from gulags under the first Five Year Plan, was opened on August 2 1933; it makes use of the Svir River, which flows from Onega to Ladoga, and […]

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