The World without Us

August 12 2007

Alan Weisman’s The World without Us is an elaborate thought experiment which deals with what would happen to the planet and to man-made structures – and as a result of them – if human beings suddenly disappeared.

Brian K Vaughan’s Pride of Baghdad, illustrated by Niko Henrichon (graphic novel, presumably soon to be a film; you can’t judge it by the cover), is the world from the point of view of the lions who really did escape from Baghdad zoo after the American bombing of 2003.

2 Responses to “The World without Us”

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  2. davidderrick Says:

    Tim Mortiss at La Explanada de Avente says:

    “A staple image (we could say a cliché, if it wasn’t so effective) of post-apocalyptic stories consists in having wild animals prancing through the empty ruins of what formerly was a busy urban center, or some other place synonymous with civilization and man-made environments.”

    I’m less well versed in apocalyptic stories than he is. See:

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