August 27 2007

Landscapes seen by Man for the first time in the twentieth century:

Previously unobservable regions of space
Surface of Mars
The far side of the moon
Surface of the near side of the moon at close human range
The Earth from the upper atmosphere and from space
Clouds from space
The Earth from Everest
The poles
Habitats and life-cycles of life-forms through film and microscopy
Submarine world during prolonged deep immersion
New historical landscapes
New psychological landscapes
Software-generated landscapes, virtual realities
Internal organs through endoscopy
Cellular and genetic landscapes
Molecular, atomic and subatomic landscapes

Landscapes lost in the twentieth century at a faster rate than usual:

Old countrysides
Coral reefs
Languages and cultures: spiritual landscapes


5 Responses to “Landscapes”

  1. Here are some interesting photos of … sewer landscapes.

    [I link to Tim’s and Tim is linking to a site called BLDGBLOG, which is also on my blogroll.]

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