Prokudin-Gorskii 3

April 29 2008


Prokudin-Gorskii 2

Original colour photograph of a group of prisoners of war from the Austro-Hungarian Empire at an unidentified place in Russian Karelia, near the White Sea, 1915.

The men are probably Poles, Ukrainians and other Slavs. Most of Prokudin-Gorskii’s politically-sensitive plates were confiscated when he left Russia for good in 1918. This one escaped, perhaps because what is being represented is not obvious.

It, a little anachronistically, obeys my two laws on nineteenth-century group photographs.

The image, which looks as if it has been sharpened, is from the Library of Congress Prokudin-Gorskii site.

One Response to “Prokudin-Gorskii 3”

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