Over Istanbul

November 4 2008

Taken in the early evening a couple of days ago. With an iPhone, so quality unexceptional (but the image will be sharper when enlarged).

Looking roughly north: the Sultan Ahmed (Sultanahmet) Mosque (or Blue Mosque, from tiles in the interior); beyond it, Hagia Sophia. Islam and Christendom.

On the right, the southern end of the Bosphorus just before the Sea of Marmara, which is off the picture to the south.

On the left, the inlet called the Golden Horn.

The land on the other side of the Bosphorus is Asia. Everything else is Europe. The European promontory here is the heart of old Byzantium and Constantinople, the district now called Eminönü. The European merchant colonies were on the opposite side of the Golden Horn, which used to be called Pera and is now called Beyoğlu.


The opposite direction (this was actually taken a few minutes earlier): Hagia Sophia, then Sultan Ahmed, looking across to the Sea of Marmara.


Richard’s comment after the Hagia Sophia post mentions another sight of Istanbul: the cast-iron church of the Bulgarian exarchs.

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