The six cataracts of the Nile

January 18 2009

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The six cataracts


The Fourth Cataract


The main sites of the ancient history of the Nile up to Meroe


Maps from Wikimedia Commons; Wikipedia photograph used under terms of GNU Free Documentation License

7 Responses to “The six cataracts of the Nile”

  1. richard Says:

    I am told that in its pre-Greek origins the prefix cata- (as used in cataract and catastrophe) meant “going northward,” the more usual sense now being “down.” It might be that the cataracts of the Nile are in some sense the “original” cataracts.

  2. Iam intrest to be one of the subscribe and Iam ready for any assistance ,Ithink you need to visit the Airea again and Isuggest in the perioud when the reservoir in the down season [july,August]

  3. Dear sir Thank you for this information Iam one of almanasir and Iam very intrest in the historey of the 4th cataract any way the reservoir Now submerge the manasir up to Sur island[ not completley under water it submrge by 40percent , any way if you would like to have information or you would to visit the Airea Iam readey [Iam amember in the manasir commite] Best regards: Hashim.A.Elgizule.

  4. Thank you, Sir, on this important information
    And offer you the invitation to visit our website
    There are lots of pictures of the area

  5. okello peter Says:

    l have learnt a lot and my thks goes to all writers, God u for such a wonderful information.

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