The camera as Suetonius

May 13 2009

… or as the Scriptores Historiae Augustae

Isn’t it rather alarming to see President Obama laughing his head off when a joke is made at a dinner about his nipples?

2 Responses to “The camera as Suetonius”

  1. davidderrick Says:

    I dropped this note to Lance Knobel of Davos Newbies, link on the left:

    “Don’t you think public jokes about the President’s nipples – with the President laughing his head off – are pretty stupid? Not even England has gone there.”

    He replied:

    “I’d never heard of the comedian before, and I never want to hear of her again. Pretty poor, in my opinion. I think the whole idea of the president having a chummy evening with the ‘White House correspondents’ is wrong. The NYT doesn’t attend for that reason, which I think is right. They’re not meant to be in cahoots.

    “Obama faces enough criticism that he’s emotionless and aloof, a Mr Spock from Star Trek (none of which I subscribe to, by the way), that it probably is good politically for him to go to these things. Otherwise, why bother?

    “Much more interesting, he held a poetry jam at the White House last night. Some neighbors/acquaintances/fellow-school-parents of ours were there. Their shtick sounds like one of the weaker moments, but still …


    Wasn’t it a similar occasion at which George W Bush attempted to be funny circa 2005 or ’6 by looking for WMD under the table at which he was sitting?

  2. davidderrick Says:

    This conversation should be happening here. Lance replies:

    “No. Worse. He made a video where he looked around the Oval Office for the ‘missing WMD’. At a time when US soldiers and Iraqis were being killed in great numbers.

    “Only good thing about the WHCD was Steven Colbert’s performance a few years ago. It showed the complete cluelessness of the US media elite that they were offended by Colbert. WashPo and others wrote that he ‘fell flat’. Within days, the video became one of the great, early viral successes of YouTube.”


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