Google design

May 22 2009

Email from Lance Knobel: “You sent me an email the other day with an accurate comment about Google design. I meant to direct you to this item, by the former head of design at Google. Confirms everything:”

Google shows search results in a somewhat pleasing way, and its logo isn’t bad. But it is downhill from there. Google Books is a horrible environment. So is Google Reader.

7 Responses to “Google design”

  1. davidderrick Says:

    Lance has a recent post on the Dollar Redesign Project:

    Following the links gets you to a page about Ootje Oxenaar’s much-missed designs for the departed Dutch guilder:

  2. richard Says:

    Those guilders were my favourite banknotes next to Uzbek Sum (which manage to be both more traditional and more bizarre). Thank you.

  3. davidderrick Says:

    I was also a fan of the French franc notes, both the “revalued” and the “modern” series here:

    The high denominations had an old-fashioned largeness. If you were rich and eccentric enough, you could have used them as handkerchiefs. They were utterly French.

    And of Italian notes. In the mid-’70s, coins practically disappeared in Italy. The 100 lire coins (7p in 1972) had been exceptionally silvery. Their silveriness contributed to the enchantment of the place. Perhaps they were melted down. So provincial banks started to issue 100-lire and other small-denomination notes, the miniassegni. I had a large collection, which I lost in a burglary.

  4. davidderrick Says:

    Here is a preview of the new Swiss notes which, unless this story is out of date, will be introduced next year:

    They look pretty good. The 200-franc note shows the AIDS virus. The current Swiss series is also good, and slightly reminiscent of the former Dutch, before that had to give way to the mediocre Euro.

  5. davidderrick Says:

    Some more profound questions about the way Google Books is managed are asked here:

  6. davidderrick Says:

    Logo and other design changes introduced this month are an improvement in some ways, but I don’t like the new blue. It’s a kind of central European conservative party blue.

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