Reith Lectures 4

July 12 2009

For some reason, I wrote about all the BBC Reith Lectures from 1948 to 2007 last year (here and here; postscript here). The last two years have been

2008 Jonathan Spence, Chinese Vistas

2009 Michael Sandel, A New Citizenship

You can hear them, and others in the series, here.

2008 marked, I thought, a low point of incoherence, because Spence, an excellent historian, had obviously been told, like Barenboim before him, that a lecture was not what people nowadays wanted. Or perhaps it is his usual style. His virtually extempore delivery might have worked at a university; it failed in the medium of radio.

Sandel this year was good. Sue Lawley continues to make sure that she is heard more than any questioner in the audience.

Here is a playlist for one of Pevsner’s lectures in 1955 on The Englishness of English Art.

2 Responses to “Reith Lectures 4”

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