Hong Kong 1949

January 15 2010

Almost overpoweringly evocative (if you know Hong Kong and remember vestiges of it that were like this) film of Hong Kong in 1949.

I wrote about Michael Rogge’s films here. This is a longer version of a clip to which I linked in that post, but it wasn’t shot by him: he appears in it, walking from his residence at Mid-levels to the offices of the Nederlandsch-Indische Handelsbank in Central. Shirt and suit clearly by a Hong Kong tailor.

4 Responses to “Hong Kong 1949”

  1. davidderrick Says:

    Communist forces had taken Peking in January. Rogge tells us that the film was shot around November.

  2. What an absolutely brilliant film! Shot in the same year I was born!!! I first visited Hong Kong with the Royal Navy in 1966 and have returned many times in the following years, last visit in 2004. I also lived on Stonecutters Island, between 1973-75, again as part of a naval posting. So Hong Kong remains a very special place to me. Its a shame that there was no audio to amateur film in those days. But the music soundtrack really adds to the film, do you know what it is?

    Also just to let you know I came across the picture of Angel Island on a page 11 of a google image search for Stonecutters Island which I make every so often for new images.

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