Historical novels: Mary Renault

March 25 2010

Film about Renault produced by Colin Cameron. BBC4, April 18 2006. First of seven clips.

Her Greek novels

The Last of the Wine 1956 (Athens during the Peloponnesian War; the narrator is a pupil of Socrates)

The King Must Die 1958 (the mythical Theseus up to his father’s death)

The Bull from the Sea 1962 (the remainder of Theseus’s life)

The Mask of Apollo 1966 (an actor at the time of Plato and Dionysius the Younger; Alexander appears briefly near the end)

Fire from Heaven 1969 (Alexander the Great from the age of four up to his father’s death)

The Persian Boy 1972 (Alexander after the conquest of Persia, from Bagoas’s perspective)

The Praise Singer 1978 (Simonides of Ceos)

Funeral Games 1981 (Alexander’s successors)

One Response to “Historical novels: Mary Renault”

  1. davidderrick Says:

    Well, another clip on YouTube that was almost too good to be true and has been – not pulled in this case, in deference to copyright, or removed by YouTube, but flagged as “private”. That means you can’t search for it or even contact the uploader.

    Why is there still no one-time fee to cover material like this, which does not require one to enter passwords every time?

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