The Seasons 3

July 30 2010

The Seasons

The Seasons 2

The aged Igumnov continues in 1947 on a perhaps not ideal piano.

Titles and epigraphs chosen by the publisher, Nikolai Bernard, not Tchaikovsky. Translations as on Wikipedia.

June – Barcarolle
Июнь – Баркаролла

“Let us go to the shore;
there the waves will kiss our legs.
With mysterious sadness
the stars will shine down on us.”
(Aleksey Pleshcheyev)

July – Song of the Reaper
Июль – Песнь косаря

“Move the shoulders,
shake the arms!
And the noon wind
breathes in the face!”
(Aleksey Koltsov)

August – Harvest
Август – Жатва

“The harvest has grown,
people in families cutting the tall rye down to the root!
Put together the haystacks,
music screeching all night from the hauling carts.”
(Aleksey Koltsov)

Kazimir Malevich, Reapers, oil on wood, 1927, Russian Museum, St Petersburg

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    Contrast Jenő Jandó:

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