The Sea of Japan

December 12 2010

… and its five straits

View at full size. Shikkoku should have one k. Wikimedia Commons.

4 Responses to “The Sea of Japan”

  1. davidderrick Says:

    Thomas Blakiston, a nineteenth-century English explorer and naturalist, noticed that animals in Hokkaido were related to northern Asian species, whereas those on Honshu were related to species from southern Asia. The Tsugaru Strait was established as a zoogeographical boundary, which became known as the Blakiston Line.

    Wheat, rather than rice, is grown on Hokkaido.

    The Kurile Islands, running northeast from Hokkaido towards the Kamchatka peninsula, are mainly Russian. The Aleutian Islands, running west from Alaska towards Kamchatka, are mainly American.

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  3. davidderrick Says:

    Japanese islands mnemonic, N to S: Horny handsome servants kicked.

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