Random avant-garde

June 15 2011

Henri Pousseur, Voix de la ville, second of Trois visages de Liège (1961).

Recorded at Studio de musique électronique de Bruxelles, c 1970? Voice, Jean Seaux. B2 means side B, track 2.

One could do an enjoyable blog devoted to the aleatoric selection of postwar art music.

One Response to “Random avant-garde”

  1. davidderrick Says:

    Allowing that there is no avant-garde any more, and referring to postwar music in particular, why does the label fit certain non-traditional composers and not others? Irritating term as it might have been, I suppose it suits the composers who saw themselves as moving outwards into new languages and grammars better than those whose exploration (whether or not they “saw” it as that) was inward or religious.

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