Arleen Auger

October 22 2011

Liederabend, Kiel, 1988 with Irwin Gage. Two Strauss songs.

Ständchen (Serenade) is the second of six settings of Adolf Friedrich, Graf von Schack completed in 1887.

An earlier set had contained one setting of Michelangelo and then four of Schack. A later one would contain six of Schack.

Morgen (Tomorrow) is the last of four settings of various poets which Strauss made in 1894 as a wedding gift for his wife. Text by John Henry Mackay, who was of partly Scottish descent, but had been brought up in Germany and was an “individual anarchist” and a campaigner for homosexual emancipation (if campaigning is compatible with anarchism).

The third (Heimliche Aufforderung, or Secret Invitation) is also Mackay. Strauss returned to Mackay with one song each in two later sets.

Felix Mottl made an orchestral arrangement of Ständchen, Strauss orchestrated Morgen in 1897. I have already posted the first of the 1894 settings, sung by Schwarzkopf, in Strauss’s 1948 orchestration.

Tim Page, quoted at “the sort of artist whose work not only provided pleasure for her audience but also instruction for her colleagues … By any standards, hers was an exemplary career … She sang beautifully for more than a quarter century, she sang great music, and she never bowed or pandered to public taste. She was an artist, steady and serious to the end.”

Auger at Wikipedia. I’ll post Auger’s performance in Mozart’s Requiem – Solti, Vienna Philharmonic, Stephansdom, 200th Mozart Todestag, December 5 1991 – another time.

Die heiligen drei Könige

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