Forster in 1958

December 15 2011

Part of a BBC talk given by Forster in 1958 as he approached his 80th birthday, January 1 1959. Those who remember the potted biography in old Penguin editions will recognise some of this.

Old post: BBC tribute to Forster after his death in 1970.

3 Responses to “Forster in 1958”

  1. Frank Vatai Says:

    In his autobiography, Letters to the Past, George Woodcock recounts an episode involving Forster from a letter campaign in 1945 in support of the anarchist publishing house, Freedom Press. The police had recently raided its premises. Woodcock relates with amusement the foibles of the literati.

    “Several odd confrontations emerged from this exercise. Forster insisted on toning down a phrase in our letter as too radically outspoken; Eliot, in theory by far the more conservative of the two, insisted on the original phrase being restored, not because he agreed with it, but because he regarded Forster as an insufferable fusspot, which he was. Spender, then working at the Foreign Office, was summoned before the Minister and reprimanded for signing the letter; characteristically, he did not resign, but decided to keep away for the duration from civil liberties issues.”

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