Marching men

September 22 2012

Victims of corrupted power, drilled into passivity.


C. R. W. Nevinson, Marching Men; gouache, 1916. Imperial War Museum, London

Nevinson was one of the conduits between the futurist continental avant-garde of the second decade of the twentieth century and English illustration and commercial art of the ’30s. A twenty-year assimilation of futurism into popular art. He served as a war artist in France. My summary of him.

The book has a black and white image. Caption probably by Caplan.

With Jane Caplan, A Study of History, new one-volume abridgement, with new material and revisions and, for the first time, illustrations, and with a Foreword by Toynbee, Thames & Hudson, 1972

One Response to “Marching men”

  1. davidderrick Says:

    The book actually shows him as R. W. Nevinson.

    Nevinson is credited by Alec Waugh with having, in 1924, hosted the first cocktail party in Britain.

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