Henze in Italy

October 31 2012

… in youth and age.

“As Hans Werner Henze lies dying at his home near Rome,” wrote Andrew Clark in the FT on December 7 2005. But he didn’t die. He emerged from a mysterious two-month coma much weaker, but intact, and resumed composition of his opera Phaedra.

Later he became very frail indeed. Norman Lebrecht, with typical recklessness, says that the last known portrait, a photograph by Francesco Maria Colombo, was taken on July 11. But there is a later one, taken on September 11 in Dresden.

I’ve been following Henze since I was a student. I’ll write a long piece on him if I get time. When he died on Saturday in Dresden, I put this clip on YouTube. Click through to YouTube for links to Arthaus Musik and Amazon to buy the film.

• Tuscany, late ’60s?

• La Leprara, Marino, near Rome, with Oliver Knussen, c 2000, reminiscing about Walton

• garden of Walton’s home La Mortella, Ischia, with Walton, c 1962 (later?)

• Marino, with Knussen, c 2000, reminiscing about Walton

• location not stated, c 1975, conducting his own Tristan.

Guardian obituary by Guy Rickards

Guardian editorial: In Praise of Hans Werner Henze

Ian Bostridge on working with Henze.

5 Responses to “Henze in Italy”

  1. davidderrick Says:

    Notice the good manners here, in referring to Sir William and Lady Walton.

    Knussen’s “much, much earlier” doesn’t make sense and has been edited in out of context.

  2. davidderrick Says:

    Wikipedia now says:

    “[Fausto] Moroni cared for the composer when he suffered a spectacular emotional collapse during which he barely spoke and had to be encouraged to eat, living as though in a coma.”

  3. davidderrick Says:

    Simon Rattle on the death of Henze


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