Bruckner 3

December 2 2012

I’m not a Brucknerian or Lisztian or Wagnerian or Sibelian, I’m a Mahlerian and Brahmsian and Straussian and Elgarian. But here is Adrian Murdoch’s account of the premiere of Bruckner’s third symphony, the one dedicated to Wagner. In Gramophone, and now online.

Below is Herbert Kegel’s account of the work with the MDR Sinfonieorchester of Leipzig. The original Novak edition of 1889, apparently. A love of puzzle-solving alone has made me draft the beginning of a comprehensible guide to versions of Bruckner symphonies, but you don’t have to go far to get into deep water on this, and I have given up for now.

“So Germanic and tough is this performance”: commenter on YouTube. It is. Dyneley Hussey, Musical Times, 1957: “His [Bruckner’s] most tiresome habit is his way of pulling up dead at frequent intervals, and then starting the argument all over again. … One has the impression … that we are traversing a town with innumerable traffic lights, all of which turn red as we approach them.” An otherwise blacked-out city in the DDR in this case. What harmonic turning will the music take after each roadblock?

Versions: go herehere, here.

Barbirolli rehearsing Bruckner.

One Response to “Bruckner 3”

  1. davidderrick Says:

    What harmonic turning? The trouble is, one can usually guess. “Surely we have a right to be bored by Bruckner”: Peter Stadlen in The Daily Telegraph, circa 1970s, landing himself thereby in Private Eye’s Pseuds’ Corner.

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