Alfredo Stroessner’s Paraguay

July 19 2013

Alan Whicker on Stroessner’s Paraguay, Yorkshire Television, April 7 1970.

His programme, Whicker’s World, ran on BBC television from 1958 to ’68 and on ITV (Yorkshire Television) from 1969 to ’88. Obituaries.

We meet the simpatico Manuel Segura Morales, Father Provincial of Paraguay’s seventy-seven Jesuits. A small number when you remember the force they had been under the Spanish.

Father Manuel was a university teacher and social worker as well as a priest. He survived, the web tells us, two assassination attempts, obviously for being a thorn in the side of Stroessner. He is still, or was recently, alive. His godfather at his baptism in Granada was Manuel de Falla.

The English and Amish/Mennonite farmers seem classic white settler types in their different ways. The right-wing New Zealand cattle man with the World Bank is a neo- or proto-colonialist doing good.

Above all, we get an impression of the bovine Stroessner.

Paraguay is a centre in 1970 for alcohol and tobacco smuggling. Hard drugs are not mentioned.

A rough guide to Paraguay

Welsh in Patagonia

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