The technically best recording made before …

July 20 2013

… 1930, of anything or at least of music, must be that of Beethoven’s Archduke Trio with Thibaud, Casals and Cortot made on November 18-19 1928 in the Queen’s Hall, London. EMI, now out of copyright.

There may be some recent digital manipulation, but it was always exceptional. This may not even be the best rendering of it. Cortot comes off best, followed by Casals, followed by Thibaud. The balance is right and there is a spaciousness in the sound. The performance is wonderful.

The three of them look in another photograph like bohemians of thirty years earlier. Perhaps it is an earlier photograph. The fourth here is Fauré, who had died in 1924.

2 Responses to “The technically best recording made before …”

  1. davidderrick Says:

    Spacious middle Beethoven.

    Fauré reminding one of Elgar standing, a few years later, with Menuhin on the steps of the Abbey Road studios.

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