The expansion of Greece, 1832-1947

September 15 2013

Expansion of Greece

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6 Responses to “The expansion of Greece, 1832-1947”

  1. davidderrick Says:

    This is as clear as a historical map should be.

    I am allergic to maps with arrows. They started in films about German aggression in the ’30s and were brought into historical atlases by The Times Atlas of World History in 1978.

    • Greece is another imaginary Balkanic country invented in the 19th C. by the Romantics. Much like Celtic Ireland. Greek-speaking Turks, Albanians and Slavs make up an imaginary Hellenic nation.

      • davidderrick Says:

        Absolutely. And like Scotland and Israel.

        Although there is at least such a thing as a Jewish racial identity.

      • bc59 Says:

        It’s still painfull the Italian humiliation from the Greeks in 1940. I can understand your feelings being the European clown.

      • Kyriakos Says:

        Mr. Caselli first know your history, your language etc and then you’ll see that 95% of all your living is based on Greek philosophy-medical-astronomy-mathematics-linguistics. So don’t speak about Greek-speaking Turks and Albanians. Greeks are so different from Turks as Italians differ from Anglo-Saxons or Germans. Don’t forget that there where many places on Greece that never surrender to Turkish armies all over the 400 years occupation …

      • Dear Dr Kiruiakos, I am sorry if I have offended you personally, but I say the same about Italians. Nations are based on myths and seldom on facts. During my research in mainland Greece and the Peloponnese. I have personally found that a vast majority of the population -with the exception of the Mani- to be of Albanian stock. Farmers used Turkisn or Albanian or Slavonic agricultural implement, and most elderly people sung Albanian songs. Greek Coffee Greek delights and Souvlaki spits are Turkish and are found all over the Turkish world.. Genbetic tests carriec out at variouis universities confirm what I say. In Italy and especially in Tuscany the heart of the country, no Etruscan or Roman genes have been found, but rather Near Eastern, and especially Syrian. The Italian Renaissance was coused by immigrations into Italy by Jews and Greek and Aramiaic speaking refugees running away from the Islamic invasion. We all know what the Ancient Geeks or the Ancient Italians did, but I am afraid they are extinct. . What is wrong about Tuscans being of Syrian origin,or Greeks being of Albanian, Turkish and Slavonc origin? Anything wrong with these people? Natinalism is the enemy of culture and of historical knowledge.

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