Pure Land

November 29 2013

One feature of capital importance […] is common to the Civitas Dei as conceived of by Saint Augustine and to the Paradise of Amida [post before last] as conceived of by, for example, Ryōyo Shogei (vivebat A.D. 1314-1420), a Japanese Mahayanian Father who was the Seventh Patriarch of the Jōdo Sect [Jōdo-shū] and who taught that Amida is omnipresent and his Paradise is simply absolute reality – “if we can change our point of view and see things as they really are, we can be in the Pure Land here and now” (Eliot, op. cit., p. 385). […]

The reference is to

Eliot, Sir Charles: Japanese Buddhism (London 1935, Arnold) […].

A Study of History, Vol VI, OUP, 1939 (footnote)

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