Old world

December 7 2013

Fritz Kreisler, Liebesfreud, Fritz Kreisler, Franz Rupp, 1938. In 1938 Kreisler, who was Austrian Jewish, moved from Germany to France. In the following year to the US, where he died in 1962 (he had already lived there from 1914 to ’24). This is the first of the Alt-Wiener Tanzweisen. They were published in 1905 and deliberately misattributed (why?) to Joseph Lanner. The other two are Liebesleid (sic) and Schön Rosmarin.

Antonín Dvořák, Humoresque. Twice: first arrangement by Mischa Elman played by Elman and Percy Kahn, then (3:36) arrangement by Fritz Kreisler played by Kreisler and George Falkenstein. Both recordings 1910. The piece is the seventh of a set of eight Humoresques Dvořák composed for piano in 1894.

Edward Elgar, Salut d’amour, Yehudi Menuhin, Adolph Baller, December 28 1944. Salut d’amour was written for violin and piano in 1888.

Locations of recordings not known (to me).

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