February 4 2014

A hinge year:

Elgar dies Worcester February 23

Britten, Simple Symphony premiered Norwich March 6

Holst dies London May 25

Delius dies Grez June 10

Birtwistle born Accrington July 15

Maxwell Davies born Salford September 8

Walton 1 in b flat minor, first three movements, premiered London December 3

Vaughan Williams 4 in f minor completed

Tippett, String Quartet 1, first mature work, begun

(Coward, I’ll follow my secret heart premiered in Conversation Piece London February 16

Glyndebourne Festival Opera inaugurated May 28)

Vaughan Williams 4, New York Philharmonic, Dimitri Mitropoulos

Hoping for the best (image in old post).

3 Responses to “1934”

  1. davidderrick Says:

    Fenby, a Yorkshireman, came in later life in certain phrases in his speech to imitate Beecham, born a Lancastrian. Listen to him and it becomes obvious.

  2. davidderrick Says:

    VW4 and W1 are, I suppose, the two great “thirties” English symphonies.

  3. […] 1934 as a musical hinge year. […]

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