Differences between Oxford and Cambridge

February 8 2014

Alan Macfarlane on Oxford and Cambridge; beware his dates; he is at the back of King’s College and Clare:

Toynbee’s paternal ancestors were east of England farmers, but he was an Oxford man who spent most of his working life outside a university. He was, however, invited in 1947 to become Regius Professor of Modern History at Cambridge in succession to GN Clark. See McNeill, pages 208-10 on his reasons for declining. The chair was taken by JRM Butler instead.

Silly repartee:

3 Responses to “Differences between Oxford and Cambridge”

  1. davidderrick Says:

    Butler was three months younger than Toynbee. One of Toynbee’s worries had been that seven years before retirement was not long enough to make much impact on Cambridge. On the other hand, Butler had had a long association with Cambridge and Toynbee had had none at all.

    The most important reason for his refusal was that his Rockefeller grant would provide a much better foundation for his work in completing A Study of History.

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