Private lives

February 15 2014

The Times, August 5 1914, the day after Britain declared war on Germany.

Private life still came first. Public news did not get onto the front page until one revolutionary day (though not one of any special headline) in 1966. But there are clues here to what was under way.

There are offers to help people who have been stranded, abroad or in England. All Norddeutscher Lloyd bookings have been cancelled. A couple of young gentlemen are offering themselves as secret agents. Large file: will zoom.

August 5 1914

Withers, a civil law firm I once worked for, are looking for a man, probably a doctor, with a nervous expression who has absconded to America with a dark, attractive woman of full figure.

You can google many things on this page, including the fate of each of the ships.

The hospital where I was born, the Queen Charlotte, is looking for funds. Lost hospitals of London.

The Sister Agnes who places the King Edward VII Hospital advertisement is Agnes Keyser.

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