April 28 2014

A remarkable, little-known, bittersweet early piece by Heitor Villa-Lobos, Sonata-fantaisie for violin and piano no 1, Désespérance (Rio de Janeiro, 1912). Much disturbance under an at times Brahmsian (at the beginning even Bach-through-Brahmsian) surface.

A good performance of this not very despairing work, but the magical violin harmonics after 3:47 should be more delicate and the piano should have introduced that moment better.

Emmanuele Baldini (Italian living in São Paulo), violin, Pablo Rossi (Brazilian), piano, Sala Palestrina, Brazilian Embassy in Rome

Brazil declared war on Germany and Italy in 1942 and sent 25,000 troops to Italy.

There is a CD with Jue Yao, violin, and Alfred Heller.

One Response to “Despair”

  1. davidderrick Says:

    Sonata-fantaisie: the work would like to struggle out of the embrace of sonata form to do unruly improvisations, but remains well-knit. It is without a superfluous note, and reminds one of the later Dois chôros bis for violin and cello. In other works, the improvisatory element predominates. In the Bachianas brasileiras, he calls on the spirit of Bach to rescue him from chaos. In some of the string quartets, he calls on the spirit of Haydn.

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