May 11 2014

Back July 5.

Extended absence merely pressure of work.

2 Responses to “~~~”

  1. Kim Says:

    Hi there,
    Your blog is truly fascinating. Such a phenomenal amount of research and work here.
    I am interested in the painting you posted (way back in 2009) by your great-grandfather George Clausen, ‘The Visit’. I am currently studying another of his paintings, ‘Interior, Twilight’ (‘Reading by Lamplight’), which is set in the same room.
    I was wondering if you knew any more of the setting – was it their home or studio or both? Are there any more depictions of it that you know of? And where is ‘The Visit’ currently held – if it is in a public collection?
    Thanks in advance, Kim (Melbourne, Australia)

    • davidderrick Says:

      Thanks. It was their home in Carlton Hill, St John’s Wood, from 1905 until 1940 and there was a studio at the end of the garden. There is a series of Carlton Hill interiors: one day I might post them all together. The Visit is held privately, I believe.

      Both it and the painting you are studying show his daughter, Meg.


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