A rainy day in Piccadilly

November 14 2014


All the major bus advertisers on one photograph (and some others). Left to right:

Nestlé’s Milk.

Ridge’s Food (Best for Infants).

Fry’s Cocoa.

Kodak Film Cameras.

Cadbury’s Cocoa.

Nestlé again.

Mellin’s (oval sign on the stairs). More infant formula.

Oakey’s Wellington Knife Polish. A staple below stairs.

Pears Soap. Soap and Empire. Male grooming.

Hotel in South Hackney, probably the Queen’s Hotel.

The Edinburgh Scotch Whisky Stores, Milford Lane, Strand.

Infant formula, cocoa, cameras, polish, soap, whisky. Are the hangings on the building Jubilee decorations?

According to Wikipedia, Route 3 didn’t start operation until 1908 and then not on this route. In any case, this looks earlier. What are the words above Putney on the side of that bus?

London General Omnibus Company. The sign that appears to say C&SH must be where you dropped the fare, so when did bus conductors come in?

Probably Piccadilly.

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