Translator of the Quran

December 13 2014

Telegraph obituary of NJ Dawood, the translator of the Quran for EV Rieu’s Penguin Classics in 1956. “When [the volume] appeared in the bookshops, few people in the English-speaking world had even heard of The Koran.” It is still in print.

Also of two selections from the Arabian Nights for Penguin in 1954 and 1957. And of the Muqaddimah for Princeton in 1967.

He was an Iraqi Jew, born in Baghdad, who came to England in 1945.

An old post about English translations (interpretations, many Muslims would prefer to say) of the Quran is here. It contains a link to a New Statesman article which criticises Dawood and praises MAS Abdel Haleem (Oxford World’s Classics, 2004). It also has a link to a piece by Robin Yassin-Kassab, whose judgment I trust, which praises Muhammad Asad (Dar al-Andalus, 1980) without mentioning Dawood.

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