Davos 2015

January 20 2015

Here is the programme (without participants).

One Response to “Davos 2015”

  1. davidderrick Says:

    Comment from a friend:

    “Not much fun without names.

    A few things stand out for me (after not looking at this in a few years).

    Lots of sessions ‘developed in partnership with’ Al Jazeera, WSJ, Time Magazine, etc.

    They also are using universities for branding (Berkeley, Harvard, etc)

    It looks like they give major political leaders long solo sessions (30 minutes!) to the exclusion of any other form. Boring

    Someone has decided that the word ‘context’ needs to be everywhere

    So much repetition: lots of ‘growth markets’ for example

    How many people do you think will go to a book reading by ‘author’ Nicole Schwab?

    ‘This session is on the record and webcast live.’ Do they really think anyone believes anything in a room filled with people is off the record?

    Did I miss it, or is there no Schatzalp lunch?

    I did see the participant list for this year. What was striking to me is that there are perhaps 100-200 people that are beyond great to have. Really wonderful. And the other 1,800 are completely humdrum. So, so many hangers on, SVPs, third-rate companies, long-standing friends of the Forum, etc.”

    But the majority were always humdrum hangers-on.

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