WEF: Davos history

January 21 2015

I’ve been writing about Davos over the years. I haven’t been there since 2006.

Some posts displayed or linked to the programmes. These ones talked about the history and ethos of the Annual Meeting:

Davos man. About the Annual Meeting up to 2006.

Davos 1971-2010. About the first forty years. But there is also a 22-minute piece of film here, with commentary by me, about Davos in 1983.

Spirit of Davos

Davos 2012.

Short posts:

Magic mountain

LGBT issues and Davos

Taki on Davos.

A session on water in 2009:

Owning water.

Portrait of Menuhin:

Menuhin at Davos.

Forgettable vignettes of individual participants:

Lee Kuan Yew

Nelson Mandela

Nadine Gordimer.

2 Responses to “WEF: Davos history”

  1. There is another, unsuspected personality connected to Davos, earlier than Thomas Mann, this is Robert Louis Stevenson who brought Davos under the limelight. He wrote Treasure Island in the sanatorium, or rather, he completed the text there.
    I thought this would be an interesting curiosity.

    • davidderrick Says:

      Thank you! I think I mentioned RLS in one of the “cantonal history” links in that quartet. But there is more to say. I loved Treasure Island as a kid, especially some illustrations in a 1950s edition which are part of my chemistry, but which I’ll never see again.

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