Dyed goatees

January 23 2015

Abdulaziz had at least 45 sons.

Nine died before manhood or perhaps are for some other reason not in the main list. The oldest was born in 1900 and died in the flu epidemic of 1919. The youngest surviving is now the king-in-waiting, Muqrin.

  1. Prince Turki of Najd
  2. King Saud (115 children)
  3. King Faisal
  4. Prince Muhammad
  5. King Khalid
  6. Prince Nasser
  7. Prince Saad
  8. Prince Mansour
  9. King Fahd
  10. Prince Bandar
  11. Prince Musaʿid
  12. King Abdullah
  13. Prince Abdul Muhsin
  14. Prince Mishaal
  15. Prince Sultan
  16. Prince Abdul Rahman
  17. Prince Mutaib
  18. Prince Talal
  19. Prince Mishari
  20. Prince Badr
  21. Prince Turki the Sudairi
  22. Prince Nawwaf
  23. Prince Nayef
  24. Prince Fawwaz
  25. King Salman
  26. Prince Majid
  27. Prince Thamir
  28. Prince Abdul Illah
  29. Prince Mamdouh
  30. Prince Sattam
  31. Prince Ahmed
  32. Prince Abdul Majeed
  33. Prince Hazloul
  34. Prince Mashhur
  35. Crown Prince Muqrin
  36. Prince Hamoud


Selection of the daughters:

Princess Al Bandari

Princess Sultana

Princess Luluwah

Princess Al Jawhara

Princess Haya

Princess Seeta

Princess Latif.

3 Responses to “Dyed goatees”

  1. davidderrick Says:

    The order here is supposed to be of date of birth, but sources differ.

  2. davidderrick Says:

    The West is hypocritical about the most hypocritical regime on earth.

    The King of Saudi Arabia’s father was born in 1876. Quite a thought, and we are likely to be able to say this for another ten or twenty years.

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