To Wang Lun

January 25 2015

Adam Tendler playing and reciting To Wang Lun, in Autumn Lines, his five settings of poems by the Tang poet Li Bai, aka Li Po, translated by David Young.

“I was just
shoving off
in my boat

when I heard someone stomping
and singing on the shore!

Peach Blossom Lake
is a thousand feet deep

but it can’t compare
with Wang Lun’s love
or the way he said

HOT! Festival, Dixon Place, New York, July 7 2010.

Rest also on YouTube. Whole set, in different performances, at iTunes.


Translation of Li Bai by Vikram Seth: White gibbons (post here).

Other poems by him were the source of four of Mahler’s settings in Das Lied von der Erde. Post.

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