The straw hat and the dressing-gown

March 16 2015

Self-portrait in a straw-hat

Louise Élisabeth Vigée Le Brun, Self-portrait in a straw hat, 1782, normally in the National Gallery, now in the Rubens exhibition at the Royal Academy (which is only 25% Rubens); she died in Paris in 1842; here are her memoirs

Dr Pozzi at Home

John Singer Sargent, Dr Pozzi at home, 1881, normally at the Armand Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, now in the Sargent exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery; Dr Pozzi was considered the father of French gynaecology; he was shot dead in Paris by a male patient in 1918; see

One Response to “The straw hat and the dressing-gown”

  1. davidderrick Says:

    Not sure the skin tones are right in the Le Brun reproduction (it is also slightly cropped), but the coarse colour manages to stand up to the Sargent.

    Dr Pozzi is what the Japanese would call “gorgeous”, in the correct usage that only they follow: “adorned with rich or brilliant colours; sumptuously gay or splendid”.

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