Sir Mortimer again

April 19 2015

BBC, October 1 1958:

I mentioned this series in the last post but one.

The chairman again is Glyn Daniel, the producer presumably David Attenborough.

Panel: Hugh Shortt, Professor Thomas Bodkin, Sir Mortimer Wheeler. Shortt was the curator of the Salisbury and South Wiltshire Museum.

Challenger: Victoria and Albert Museum.

There is a further clip from the programme in 1953 here (unused Pathé footage of a visit by the Queen to the BBC’s Lime Grove Studios, probably on November 4; Glyn Daniel and Mortimer Wheeler, two other unidentified panelists).

The popularity of this series then may be hard to understand now. Daniel is not that relaxed or urbane, Wheeler is subtly obnoxious. I offer it as social history.

Attenborough reminisces.

2 Responses to “Sir Mortimer again”

  1. davidderrick Says:

    Daniel’s accent is as fake as Roy Jenkins’s. Not that one should hold it against him: people who rose in society learned to speak like that. But it sounds fake in his case.

    The panelists all sound natural.

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