Rutilius Namatianus

May 7 2015

Urbem fecisti quod prius orbis erat


“Fecisti patriam diversis gentibus unam:
profuit iniustis te dominante capi.
dumque offers victis proprii consortia iuris,
urbem fecisti quod prius orbis erat.”

“For nations far apart you have made a single fatherland: under your dominion those who knew not justice have profited. By offering the vanquished a share in your own justice you have made a city of what was once a world.”

On title page of Survey of International Affairs, 1929, OUP, Under the auspices of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, 1930

One Response to “Rutilius Namatianus”

  1. Absolutely fascinating. The anguish of the poet at the sight of the degradation and devastation of Tuscany and its roads hit me ever since the name of the poet was mentioned to me in the 1960s when I started the study of communications and settlement in ancient and modern Tuscany.

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