June 27 2015

To be added to London anthologies:

“If you roll a boxful of shoes down some stairs, you will hear the word ‘London’.”

Andrew Cover, a friend, c 2000.

Elgar, Cockaigne, Elgar conducting BBC Symphony Orchestra, April 11 1933

One Response to “Cockaigne”

  1. davidderrick Says:

    Andrew writes:

    “Thanks for the quote. It does need slight changing.

    It was if you roll an old suitcase full of old shoes down a staircase, at some point in its journey you will hear the sound ‘London’.

    All the detail is important. The words old, suitcase and the fact that only at some point will you hear the sound are all vital to the scenario. It will not work without it.”

    I’m not sure what to do here. I think one’s imagination supplies the rest. If you add all the qualifiers, it begins to sound effortful.

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