The essential John Julius Norwich

October 3 2015

With Reresby Sitwell, Mount Athos, Hutchinson, 1966

The Normans in the South, 1016-1130, Longmans, 1967

Sahara, with photographs by Norwich and A Costa, result of 2,000-mile expedition in 1966, Longmans, 1968

The Kingdom in the Sun, 1130-1194, Longman (it became Longman in 1969), 1970

Venice: The Rise to Empire, Allen Lane, 1977

Venice: The Greatness and the Fall, Allen Lane, 1981

Editor, The Italians: History, Art, and the Genius of a People, Thames & Hudson, 1983

Hashish, photographs by Suomi La Valle, historical profile by JJN, about hashish production in Lebanon and Nepal, Quartet Books, 1984

The Architecture of Southern England, Macmillan, 1985

Fifty Years of Glyndebourne, Cape, 1985

Byzantium: The Early Centuries, Viking, 1988

Byzantium: The Apogee, Viking, 1991

With HC Robbins Landon, Five Centuries of Music in Venice, Thames & Hudson, 1991

Byzantium: The Decline and Fall, Viking, 1995

A Short History of Byzantium, Viking, 1997

Shakespeare’s Kings, Viking, 1999

Paradise of Cities: Venice and Its Nineteenth-Century Visitors, Viking, 2003

Editor, The Duff Cooper Diaries, 1915-1951, Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 2005

The Middle Sea: A History of the Mediterranean, Chatto & Windus, 2006

Trying to Please, autobiography, Dovecote Press, 2008

Editor, The Great Cities in History, Thames & Hudson, 2009

The Popes: A History, Chatto & Windus, 2011

A History of England in 100 Places: From Stonehenge to the Gherkin, John Murray, 2011

Editor, Darling Monster: The Letters of Lady Diana Cooper to Her Son John Julius Norwich, 1939-1952, Chatto & Windus, 2013

Editor, Cities That Shaped the Ancient World, Thames & Hudson, 2014

Sicily: A Short History from the Ancient Greeks to Cosa Nostra, John Murray, 2015

Single-volume editions of the Norman and first two Venetian books

A few other cultural or historical books or potboilers as editor, co-author or supplier of text or a name; if the hashish, T&H and 100 places titles deserve to be listed, perhaps others do

Forewords etc


Since 1970, he has been sending out 20-24 page booklets called A Christmas Cracker – collections of quotations and literary odds and ends – to his friends instead of a Christmas card. Many are easy to find and presumably were printed in editions larger than his Christmas card list. Every ten years, he has made a book out of them.

Christmas Crackers: Being Ten Commonplace Selections, 1970-79, Allen Lane, 1980

More Christmas Crackers: Being Ten Commonplace Selections, 1980-89, Viking, 1991

Still More Christmas Crackers, 1990-1999, Viking, 2000

The Big Bang: Christmas Crackers, 2000-2009, Dovecote Press, 2010


The Twelve Days of Christmas, illustrated by Quentin Blake, Doubleday (in London), 1998

The Illustrated Christmas Cracker, with Quentin Blake, selection, Doubleday (in London), 2002


A Taste for Travel: An Anthology, Macmillan, 1985

Venice: A Traveller’s Companion, anthology, Constable, 1990; JJN was President, Venice in Peril, 1971-99


UK first editions. Links may be to other editions.

Norwich, Sicily

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