Dances of the little crocodile

October 4 2015

Three nourishing Milhaud miniatures for violin and piano, reminiscences from 1945 (opus 256) of his two years (1917-18) at the French legation in Rio under Paul Claudel. They show how, when he wanted to, he could integrate a modern style with the touch of a master of the pre-1914 world.

Danses de jacarémirim. Is the crocodile something in Brazilian folklore? Louis Kaufman, violin, Artur Balsam. Recorded in 1949.

They are from an essential Milhaud LP, or CD reincarnation thereof. I linked to another part of it here. I will return to it. YouTube no longer shows you the duration before you click Play, so I’ll add that this lasts under five minutes.

Sambinha (little samba)
Tanguinho (little Brazilian tango)
Chorinho (little choro)

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