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Alan Macfarlane online

April 30 2015

Anthropologist and historian who writes about England, Nepal, China, Japan. Professor Emeritus at King’s College, Cambridge. Abebooks Amazon Digital Himalaya His extraordinary YouTube account His home page On this blog (from YouTube): differences between Oxford and Cambridge; interviewing Christopher Bayly Wikipedia World Oral Literature Project. ___ Interviewing a Cambridge street sweeper and authority on the town, Allan Brigham, […]

Owen Chadwick 2

July 25 2015

First post (obits). I have linked to Alan Macfarlane of King’s College, Cambridge before. Here’s a ninety-minute interview of Chadwick by him, recorded in 2008. I can only describe Chadwick’s smile as papery. From many years in a college. In my late teens I asked for the two volumes of his monumental The Victorian Church for Christmas, […]

Christopher Bayly

April 26 2015

Highly original – so he appears: I have only read part of Forgotten Wars – historian of India, and then of the world, from about 1770 into the twentieth century. He seems to have been as revered in India as Raymond Carr was in Spain. Telegraph Guardian. Books: The Local Roots of Indian Politics: Allahabad, 1880-1920 (1975) […]

Differences between Oxford and Cambridge

February 8 2014

Alan Macfarlane on Oxford and Cambridge; beware his dates; he is at the back of King’s College and Clare: Toynbee’s paternal ancestors were east of England farmers, but he was an Oxford man who spent most of his working life outside a university. He was, however, invited in 1947 to become Regius Professor of Modern History at Cambridge […]

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January 21 2007

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