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Summer Stockholm


Italy, Greece and the fringe of the Ottoman Empire; over 3,000 miles on foot in a little under a year:

“In 1911-12 […] I had travelled on foot (the best way) over the country round Rome as far as Tarquinii (Corneto), Hispellum (Spello), and Caieta (Gaeta), and over Continental European Greece as far north as Pharsalus and the Ambracian Gulf; and I had also walked over the eastern two-thirds of the island of Crete and over the Athos peninsula.” (Hellenism, The History of a Civilization, OUP, 1959)

“The old territories of Greece, as well as […] Krete and the Athos Peninsula.” (The Western Question in Greece and Turkey, A Study in the Contact of Civilizations, Constable, 1922)

“I was just in time to see the Turkish flag still flying over Salonica and Durazzo. Perhaps that can hardly count as a visit to the Turkey of to-day.” [book]

September-November Italy:

September 30 train between Genoa and Rome

November 14 “The writer [traversed] the stretch of country from Ostia to the gap between Terracina and

Monte Circello […] by train.” (A Study of History, Vol IX, OUP, 1954)

October 30 sight of Assisi from Spello

November-August Greece and first visit to Turkey:

November 20 Corinth Canal, sailing from the Gulf of Corinth to the Saronic Gulf

“These journeys were made on foot, except where some other means of conveyance is mentioned.” (Some Problems of Greek History, OUP, 1969):

February 20 Athens-Kalamáta (by train)

February 21 Kalamáta (the Villehardouins’ castle)-Petalídhi-Áyios Andréas-Koróni (Coron) (by steamer)

February 22 Koróni-Módhon-Navaríno

February 23 Navaríno-Lyghoudhísta-Gharghaliáni-Philiatrá

February 24 Philiatrá-Kyparissía; Kyparissía-Olympia (by train)

April 15 Thermísi-Ermíoni; Ermíoni-Pétses-Leonídhi skála-Ástros skála (by steamer)

April 16 Ástros skála-Thyrea–Áyios Pétros-Arákhova

April 17 Arákhova-Kelephína valley (with the Judas trees in blossom)-Khani of Krevatás-Sellasía battlefield-Sellasía-Sparta

April 18-19 at Sparta; visit Therapnê

April 20 Sparta-Khrýsapha-Yeráki

April 21 Yeráki-Alepokhóri-Apidhiá-MoIáous

April 22 Moláous-Neápolis (Boiai)

April 23 Neápolis-Monemvasía

April 24 Monemvasía-Epídauros Limerá-Zárax fjord-Yeráka

April 25 Yeráka-Rikhéa-Katavóthra-Pákia-Káto Vezáni (Helos)

April 26 Káto Vezáni-iron bridge over R. Eurotas-Laghíou-Trínisa-Yýthion

April 27 At Yýthion

April 28 Yýthion-Pássava (Las Vetus)-Karyoúpolis-Tsímova-Pyrgos

April 29 Pyrgos-Kítta-Álika-Porto Marinári-Porto Quaglio-Páliros-Cape Matapan (Taínaron)-Páliros

April 30 Páliros-Laghía-Kótronas (by mule)

May 1 Kótronas-Kávvalos-Tsímova (by mule)

May 2 Tsímova-Liméni

May 3 Liméni-Port Trakhéla-Rénglia skála-Kardhamýli-Kalamáta (by steamer)

May 4 Kalamáta-Athens (by train)

May 10 Athens-Argos (by train)

May 11 Argos-Nemea station (by train)-Nemea-Áyios Yeórgios

May 12 Áyios Yeórgios-top of Mt. Phouká-Vasilikó (Sikyôn)

May 13 Vasilikó-Soúli-Kleménti-Dhoúsia

May 14 Dhoúsia-StymphâIos-Gkoúra

May 15 Gkoúra-Lake Pheneós-Orkhomenós-Levídhi

May 16 Levídhi-Vytína-Dhimitsána

May 17 at Dhimitsána

May 18 Dhimitsána-Karýtena-Tsinán (Megalopolis)

May 19 Tsinán-across north-eastern headwaters of R. Alpheios-across Alpheios-Eurotas watershed-Khani of Khelmós

May 20 Khani of Khelmós-Kalývia Yeoryitsiátika-Sparta

May 21 and 22 at Sparta

May 23 Sparta-Mistrá-Trýpi

May 24 Trýpi-Langhádha Pass-Ládha-Karvéli-Yiánnitsa-Kalamáta

May 25 Kalamáta-Tsepheremíni (by train); Tsepheremíni-Mavrommáti-top of Mt. Ithômê Mavrommáti

May 26 Mavrommáti-bridge over R. Mavrozoúmeno-Soulimá-Pávlitsa (Phigaleia)

May 27 Pávlitsa-temple at Bassai-Andrítsena

May 28 Andrítsena-Aipy

May 29 Aipy-Samikó-Kréstena-Olympia

June Mount Athos

August return to England via the Austrian Adriatic ports of Cattaro, Ragusa and Trieste, then overland, via Salzburg, to Flushing (Holland), thence to Folkestone



1918 December-1919 April Paris, Peace Conference, Member of the Foreign Office section of the British delegation [add note on departure date]


Greece and Turkey, reporting on the Greco-Turkish war for The Manchester Guardian; second visit to Turkey:

“I saw Constantinople, the Asiatic shores of the Sea of Marmara, the western seaboard of Anatolia as far south as the river Maeander, and also northern Thessaly and western Macedon, including Lyncestis, Eordaea, and Elimiotis.” (Hellenism, The History of a Civilization, OUP, 1959)

January 15 arrival Athens from England

January 15-26 Athens

January 27-March 15 Smyrna, and the following journeys into the hinterland:

February 1-8 Alashehir, Ushaq, Kula, Salyhly, Sardis

February 11-18 Ephesus, Kirkinjé, Aidin, Tiré, Torbaly

February 26-March 10 Manysa, Soma, Kinik, Bergama, Yukhara Bey Keui, Aivali, Dikeli

March 17-August 2 Constantinople, and the following journeys into the hinterland:

March 27-April 5 Brusa, Pazarjyk, Kovalyja, Nazyf Pasha, Yenishehir, Köprü Hissar

April 7-13 Brusa, Gemlik, Ermeni Sölös

May 24-25 Yalova

June 2-6 Gemlik, Ömer Bey, Yalova

June 13-18 Gemlik, Ömer Bey, Armudlu

June 22-27 Armudlu, Gemlik

June 27-July 3 Ismid, Baghchejik, Karamursal, Eregli, Deirmenderé

August 3-8 Smyrna

August 9-September 1 Athens, and the following journey into the hinterland:

August 16-26 Tripolitsa, Sparta, Mistrá, Trýpi, Kalamáta, Vurkáno, Mavrommáti, Meligalá, Ísari, Astála, Kokolétri, Bassae, Pavlitsa, Kyparissía, Samikó, Olympia, and back via the Pyrgos-Patras-Korinth railway

“In August 1921, Professor H.T. Wade-Gery and I walked from Sparta via Trýpi and the Langhádha Pass to Kalamáta, took the train to Tsepheremíni for Mavrommáti, went over the top of Mt. Ithômê to Meligalá station, and took the train to Kyparissía.” (Some Problems of Greek History, OUP, 1969)

September 1-9 Athens to Constantinople via Lárisa and Salonika, with an excursion to Flórina, Kozháni, and Shátishta

September 9-16 Constantinople

September 16 departure from Constantinople for England (the Preface to his book about the war is unclear as to September 15 or 16)


Turkey, third visit, and meeting with Atatürk:

First visit to Ankara (Ancyra)

April 22 western end of the “great plain stretching east and west from the foot of the Mysian Olympus to the east bank of the River Granicus […] between 3.0 and 4.0 p.m. […] en route by train from Izmir (Smyrna) to Banderma (Panormos) […].” (A Study of History, Vol VII, OUP, 1954)

April 30 visit to Venice, en route by rail, but failed “to advance farther than the pair of Late Roman Emperors in porphyry who embrace one another on the threshold of St. Mark’s.” (A Study of History, Vol IX, OUP, 1954; he must mean here between Constantinople and Calais, not, as he says, “between Calais and Constantinople”)


United States, first visit:

Summer New York



Latvia and Lithuania:



To Japan and back:

In July 1929 Toynbee set off on a journey to Kyoto for the third conference of the Institute of Pacific Relations. He travelled car from London, or from Calais, to Constantinople (his fourth visit to Turkey). His wife drove a Ford, he helped occasionally, and two of their sons accompanied them. From Constantinople he continued alone by train through Turkey and Syria, by bus from Damascus to Baghdad, by train to Basra, by boat from Basra to Karachi, overland to Bombay, and from Bombay to Shimonoseki by sea via Colombo, Penang, Singapore, Hong Kong and Shanghai. He landed at Kobe on October 18 or 19.

From Japan he did a side trip (November 14 to January 4) to Korea, Manchuria and China proper (Shimonoseki to Busan, then Shanghai to Kobe).

The journey home (January 11 to 29) was by ferry from Tsuruga to Vladivostok, and by train through Russia, Poland, Germany and Belgium.

The date here means that he arrived in the place on that date and spent a night or nights there or thereabouts. There is a preference for night trains.

“In 1929 I travelled, via Ankara and the Cilician Gates, to the two northern cities of the Seleucis, Antioch-on-Orontes and Seleucia Pieria, en route, through Aleppo and Damascus, for Basra and Japan.” (Hellenism, The History of a Civilization, OUP, 1959)

July 23 1929 Dover

July 24 Bapaume, France

July 25 St Menehould, France

July 26 Strasbourg

July 27 Böhringen, Germany

July 28 Munich

July 30 Schwanenstadt, Austria

July 31 Vienna

August 3 Budapest

August 5 Bihar Keresztes, Hungary

August 6 Klausenburg = Kolozsvar = Cluj, Rumania

August 7 Hermannstadt = Sibiu, Rumania

August 8 Kronstadt = Brašov, Rumania

August 9 Bucarest

August 13 Ruschuk, Bulgaria

August 14 Grabrovo, Bulgaria

August 15 Svilengrad, Bulgaria

August 16 Adrianople

August 18 Chorlu, Turkey

August 19 Constantinople

August 27 train between Constantinople and Angora

August 28 Angora

In Ankara Toynbee leaves his wife (children had remained in Constantinople) and continues east on his own.

August 30 train between Angora and Koniya

August 31 train between Koniya and Aleppo

September 1 Aleppo

September 2 Damascus

September 6 omnibus between Damascus and Baghdad

September 7 Baghdad

September 12 Hillah

September 13 train between Hillah and Basra

September 14 boat between Basra and Karachi

September 19 Dak Bungalow on Makli Hill, Sind (near Karachi)

September 20 train between Hyderabad, Sind, Pakistan and Jodhpur, India

September 21 Jodhpur

September 22 Ahmedabad

September 23 train between Ahmedabad and Bombay

September 24-26 Bombay

September 27-October 18 boat between Bombay and Kobe

September 30 in dock at Colombo (sailed before night)

October 3 in dock at Penang

October 5 in dock at Singapore

October 10 in dock at Hong-Kong

October 14-15 in dock at Shanghai

October 18 on the Inland Sea between Shimonoseki and Kobe

October 19 Nara

October 20 Koya San

October 21 Yoshino

October 22-25 Nara

October 26-November 9 Kyoto

November 10 Nagoya

November 11 train between Nagoya and Tokyo

November 12 Tokyo

November 13 train between Tokyo and Shimonoseki

November 14 boat between Shimonoseki and Fusan

November 15 Seoul (the Japanese name during the occupation was Keijo)

November 16 train between Seoul and Antung

November 17-18 Mukden, China

November 19 train between Mukden and Harbin

November 20-21 Harbin

November 22 train between Harbin and Dairen (Dalian)

November 23-25 Dairen

November 26 train between Mukden and Peking

November 27-December 13 Peking

December 14 train between Tientsin and Wei-Hai-Wei

December 16-20 Wei-Hai-Wei

December 21-22 boat between Wei-Hai-Wei and Shanghai

December 23-25 Shanghai

December 26 train between Shanghai and Nanking

December 27 Nanking

December 28 train between Nanking and Shanghai

December 29-January 2 Shanghai

January 3-4 1930 boat between Shanghai and Kobe

January 5 Kobe

January 6-9 Nara

January 10 Kyoto

January 11-12 boat between Tsuruga and Vladivostok

January 13 Vladivostok

January 14-23 train between Vladivostok and Moscow

January 24-25 Moscow (arrived at 12.45 am on the night of the 24th-25th)

January 26 train between Moscow and Stolpce (Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic)

January 27 train between Stolpce and Berlin

January 28 train between Berlin and Ostend

January 29 London



Roman Campagna, Appian Way


United States:


Nazi Germany, first visit:


Nazi Germany, second visit:

February Berlin and meeting with Hitler



February 8-April 26

February 20 Princeton University

March 19 New York, Union Theological Seminary

April 7 Harvard University

April University of Toronto

Spring Bryn Mawr College, Pennsylvania


Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto branches of the Canadian Institute of International Affairs



April Columbia University, New York and, later, Southern College, Birmingham, Alabama

Greece and Turkey:

“My wife and I did a week’s travelling by road, as guests of the Turkish Government, in East Central Anatolia. We visited Boghazqal‘eh, Amasia, Tokat, Sivas (Sebastia), Cappadocian Caesaria, the Cilician Gates again (this time by road, not by rail), Tarsus, and Adana.” (Hellenism, The History of a Civilization, OUP, 1959)

October 28 western end of the “great plain stretching east and west from the foot of the Mysian Olympus to the east bank of the River Granicus […] when there was still just light enough for him to catch a bird’s-eye view of the landscape en route by air from Athens to Istanbul.” (A Study of History, Vol VII, OUP, 1954)

October 28 “The writer flew over [the] stretch of country from Ostia to the gap between Terracina and Monte Circello.” (A Study of History, Vol IX, OUP, 1954)



April University of Chicago





May 5 Chicago, National Arts Foundation

June 23 New York or Washington, Council on Foreign Relations



April 14-May 16

April 23-26 pueblos founded by Vasco de Quiroga


October 12 or just before Santo Speco in Subiaco

October 13-16 Rome, European Round Table Discussion under the joint auspices of the Council of Europe and the Italian Government



September 28 The Hague


November 5 Harvard University, Russian Research Center

November 8 Baltimore, Johns Hopkins University, School of Advanced International Studies



Rome, International Congress of the Historical Sciences

West Germany:

June 20 Berlin, Freie Universität


Newton, Massachusetts, Andover Newton Theological School

Cambridge, Massachusetts, Episcopal Theological School

New York, New York, Union Theological Seminary

October 19 Albany, New York, Cathedral of All Saints, opening address at Church and Work Congress

November 6 Minneapolis, Northrop Memorial Auditorium


Five visits to West Germany to address popular and university audiences:


Round the world:

“We first struck the post-Alexandrine Hellenic World in February 1957 at Arikamedu, the Hellenic ‘factory’ on the south-east coast of India, just south of Pondichéry. Between that date and the beginning of August 1957, we visited Takashasila (Taxila) and Purushapura (Peshawar) in Gandhara, the capitals of the Kushan Empire; I travelled from Babylon to within sight of the Caspian Gates, up the great north-east road which was the Seleucid monarchy’s spinal cord, as it had been the Persian Empire’s; and, from a base of operations in Beirut (the Phoenician city and Roman colony Berytus), I also visited Hatra and Arbela, and […] Petra and Palmyra; the two southern cities of the Seleucis: Laodicea (Lattaqieh) and Apamea-over-Orontes; the Phoenician cities Aradus (Ruad) and Antaradus (Tartus); and a number of places in Coele Syria: Baalbek and the springs of Orontes and of Jordan; the cities of the imperial age of Hellenic history in the Jabal Druz and the Hauran; Philadelphia (‘Amman), Gerasa, and Gadara in the Decapolis; Byblos, Sidon, and Tyre on the Phoenician coast; Gaza and Raphia on the Philistine coast; and finally the walled city of Jerusalem, whose street-plan reveals that of Hadrian’s Aelia Capitolina.” (Hellenism, The History of a Civilization, OUP, 1959)

February 20 1956 night London–Gander, Newfoundland (air)

February 21 Gander–Bermuda–Nassau–(over) Eastern Cuba–Mondego Bay–Kingston, Jamaica (air)

February 22 Kingston–north coast of Jamaica–Kingston (road)

February 23 Kingston–Barranquilla, Colombia (air)

February 24 Barranquilla–Cartagena de Indias (road)

February 24-March 3 in and around Cartagena

March 3 Cartagena–Bogotá (air)

March 3-10 in and around Bogotá

March 10 Bogotá–Cali (air)

March 11 Cali–Quito (no landing)–Cali (air)

March 12 Cali–Quito–Cali (air)

March 14 Quito–Guayaquil – Lima (road)

March 15 Guayaquil–Lima (air)

March 15-April 25 based on Lima

March 18 Lima–Pachacamac–Lima (road)

March 19 Lima–Cajamarquilla–Vista Allegre–Lima (road)

March 22 Lima–Bartolo–Tambo de Mora and la Sentinela–Parácas (road)

March 23 Parácas Peninsula (Lagunillas, Cerro Colorado, Cerro Amarillo necropolis) and Tambo Colorado (road)

March 24 Parácas–Cerro do Oro–Lima (road)

March 26 Lima–Ancón necropolis–Paramangas–Pañamarca–Chimbote (road)

March 27 Chimbote–Chanchán–Dragón–Autares del Sol y de la Luna–Trujillo (road)

March 28 Trujillo–Fanfán–las Guitarras–Chiclayo–Lambayeque–Túcume–Purgatorio–Chiclayo (road)

March 29 Chiclayo–Trujillo (road)

March 30 Trujillo–Lima (road)

April 8 Lima–Arequipa (air)

April 9-10 night Arequipa–Juliáca (rail)

April 10 Juliáca–Puno (rail); Puno–Pomata–Puno (road)

April 11 Puno–Juliáca–Cuzco (rail)

April 11-14 in and around Cuzco

April 14 Cuzco–Machu Picchu (autocarril)

April 15 Machu Picchu–Ollantaytambo (autocarril); Ollantaytambo–Pisac–Cuzco (road)

April 16 Cuzco–Lima (air)

April 18 Lima–Pucallpa (air); Pucallpa–Yarinacocha (road)

April 18-21 in and around Yarinacocha (hydroplane)

April 21 Pucallpa–Lima (air)

April 22 Lima–up the Rimac Valley to Viso–Lima (road)

April 23 Lima–La Cantuta–Lima (road)

April 25-26 night Lima–Guayaquil–Panamá City (air)

April 27 Panamá City–Colón (road)

April 28 Colón–Cristóbal (road); Cristóbal–SS Rangitata (launch); Cristóbal–Balboa, through Panamá Canal (on SS Rangitata); Balboa–Panamá City (road)

April 29 Panamá City–Balboa (road)

April 29-May 19 Balboa–Auckland (on SS Rangitata)

May 9 anchor off Pitcairn Island

May 11 pass south of Rapa Island

May 19 arrival Auckland; Auckland–Rotorua–Lake Taupo–the Chateau (road)

May 20 the Chateau–the Desert Road–Bulls, near Palmerston North (road)

May 21 Bulls–Wellington (road)

May 21-24 in and around Wellington

May 24 Wellington–Auckland (air)

May 25-30 Auckland–Sydney (on SS Monowai)

May 30-June 12 in and around Sydney

June 10 Sydney–Bowral–Wollongong–Sydney (road)

June 12 Sydney–Newcastle (air)

June 14 Newcastle–Brisbane–Cairns (air)

June 14-18 in and around Cairns

June 15 Cairns–Green Island–Cairns (launch)

June 16 Cairns–Atherton Tableland–Cairns (road)

June 17 Cairns–Kuranda–Cairns (rail)

June 18 Cairns–Brisbane (air)

June 18-21 in and around Brisbane

June 21 Brisbane–Sydney–Tamworth (air); Tamworth–Armidale (road)

June 21-26 in and around Armidale

June 24-25 Armidale–Wallamumbi–Armidale

June 26 Armidale–Tamworth (road); Tamworth–Sydney (air)

June 26-28 in Sydney

June 28 Sydney–Canberra (air)

June 28-July 9 in and around Canberra

June 29-July 2 tour of Snowy Mountains Scheme (road)

July 8 Canberra–Winderadeen–Canberra (road)

July 9 Canberra–Melbourne (air)

July 9-18 in and around Melbourne

July 15 Melbourne–Bendigo–Melbourne (road)

July 18 Melbourne–Hobart (air)

July 18-24 in and around Hobart

July 19 Hobart–Mount Wellington–Hobart (road)

July 21 Hobart–Port Arthur–Hobart (road)

July 24 Hobart–Launceston (road); Launceston–Melbourne (air)

July 24-27 in and around Melbourne

July 27 Melbourne–Adelaide (air)

July 28-30 Adelaide–Port Pirie–Port Augusta–Kalgoorlie–Perth (rail)

July 30-August 6 in and around Perth

August 4-6 Perth–Manjimup (big trees)–wheat country–Perth (road)

August 6-7 night Perth–Adelaide (Air)

August 7-14 in and around Adelaide

August 11 Adelaide–Murray Bridge–Coonalpyn–Adelaide (road)

August 12 Adelaide–Barossa Valley–Angaston (Yalumba)–Kapunda (Anlaby)–Adelaide (road)

August 14 Adelaide–Melbourne (air)

August 14-18 in Melbourne

August 18 Melbourne–Adelaide–Alice Springs (air); Alice Springs–Hermannsberg Mission (road)

August 19 Hermannsberg–Haast Bluff–Derwent–Mount Wedge–Aileron (road)

August 20 Aileron–Warribri Reserve–Tennent Creek (road)

August 21 Tennent Creek–Darwin (air)

August 21-23 in and around Darwin

August 22 visit uranium mine at Rum Jungle, near Batchelor, and rice cultivation project on Alligator River (road)

August 23 Darwin–Djakarta (air)

August 24 Djakarta–Bogor–Bandung (road)

August 24-26 in and around Bandung

August 26 Bandung–Djakarta (road)

August 26-29 in Djakarta

August 29 Djakarta–Jogjakarta (air)

August 29-31 in and around Jogjakarta

August 30 Jogjakarta–Borobudur–Mendut–Jogjakarta–Prambanan–Jogjakarta (road)

August 31 Jogjakarta–Semarang (road); Semarang–Surabaya (air)

August 31-September 2 in and around Surabaya

September 1 Surabaya–Modjokarta–Majapahit–Surabaya (road)

September 2 Surabaya–Den Pasar (air)

September 2-4 in Bali

September 3 Den Pasar–eastern crater lake–Den Pasar (road)

September 4 Den Pasar–Surabaya–Makasar (air)

September 4-6 in Makasar

September 6 Makasar–Surabaya–Djakarta (air)

September 6-8 in Djakarta

September 8 Djakarta–Medan (air)

September 8-13 in Sumatra

September 9 Medan–Parápat, at S.E. corner of Lake Toba (road)

September 10 Parapát–Medan (road)

September 11 Medan–Padang (air); Padang–Bukatinggi–Padang (road)

September 11-13 in and around Padang

September 13 Padang–Palembang–Djakarta (air)

September 14 Djakarta–Singapore (air)

September 15 Singapore–Johore–Singapore (road)

September 16 Singapore–Johore–Singapore (road)

September 17-October 1 Singapore–Yokohama (on SS Cambodge)

September 19–22 at Saigon

September 20 Saigon–Tây Ninh (Caodai temple)–Saigon

September 22 visit Catholic refugees’ camp near Saigon

September 22 leave Saigon

September 24 touch at Manila

September 26 arrival Hongkong

September 26-27 in and around Hongkong

September 27 leave Hongkong

October 1 arrival Yokohama; Yokohama–Tokyo (road)

October 1-November 30 based on the International House of Japan, Tokyo

October 8 Tokyo–Nikko (rail); Nikko–Kegon Falls–Chusenji Lake–Tachiki Kannon Temple–Ryuzo no taki Falls–Yunoko Lake–Nikko (road)

October 9 Nikko–Tokyo (rail)

October 13 Tokyo–Kamakura–Odawara–Hakone (road)

October 13-15 in and around Hakone

October 15 Hakone–Tokyo (road)

October 16 visit prehistoric sites E.N.E. of Tokyo

October 20 Tokyo–Osaka (rail)

October 21 Osaka–Uji Yamada–Ise shrines (rail); Ise shrines–Shima Kanko (road)

October 22 Shima Kanko–Uji Yamada (road); Uji Yamada–Osaka–Kyoto (rail)

October 22-26 in and around Kyoto

October 26 Kyoto–Mount Hiei–Miidara–Kyoto (road, funicular, footpath, funicular, road); Kyoto–Kobe (rail)

October 26-27 night

October 27 Kobe–Imabari (sea)

October 27 Imabari–Beppu (sea); Beppu–Kokura (rail); Kokura–Fukuoka (road)

October 28 Fukuoka–Saga–Nagasaki (rail)

October 29-30 Nagasaki–Saga–Fukuoka–Moji–Shimonoseki–Hiroshima–Kobe (rail)

October 30 Kobe–Himeji Castle–Kobe–Osaka–Kyoto (road)

October 31 Kyoto-Osaka (road)

November 1 Osaka–Koya San–Osaka (rail)

November 2 Osaka–Nara (road)

November 2-6 in and around Nara

November 4 Nara–Horiyuji–Nara (road)

November 5 Nara–round Mounts Kasuga and Wakakusa–Nara (road); Nara–Tenri City–Nara (road)

November 6 Nara–Sakai–Kyoto (road)

November 7-8 Kyoto–Tokyo (rail)

November 8-11 in Tokyo

November 11 Tokyo–Omiya–Utsunomiya–Fukushima–Sendai (rail)

November 12 Sendai–Aomori (rail); Aomori–Hakodate (ferry)

November 13 Hakodate–Otaru–Sapporo (rail)

November 14 Sapporo–Naganuma–Toasa–Shiraoi–Noboribetsu (road)

November 15 Noboribetsu–Hakodate (rail); Hakodate–Aomori (ferry); Aomori–Owani Springs (rail)

November 16 Owani Springs–Odate–Akita–Niitsu–Niigata (rail)

November 17 Niigata–Niitsu–Miyauchi–Yuzawa–Shinizu Tunnel–Minakami–Takasaki–Tokyo (rail)

November 17-30 in Tokyo

November 30-December 1 night Tokyo–Hongkong (air)

December 1 Hongkong–Bangkok (air)

December 1-12 based on Bangkok

December 2 Menam River and canals (launch)

December 5 Bangkok–Siem Réap (air)

December 5-8 in and around Siem Réap (Angkor)

December 8 Siem Réap–Bangkok (air)

December 9 Bangkok–Ayuthia–Bangkok (road)

December 12 Bangkok–Rangoon (air)

December 12-23 based on Rangoon

December 14 Rangoon–Mandalay (air)

December 14-18 in and around Mandalay

December 16 Mandalay–Sagaing–Mandalay (road)

December 17 Mandalay–Maymyo–Mandalay (road)

December 18 Mandalay–He Ho–Rangoon (air)

December 19 Rangoon–Syriam–Rangoon (river and road)

December 23 Rangoon–Calcutta (air)

December 23-January 4 1957 based on Calcutta

December 26 Calcutta–Patna–Benares (air)

December 26-28 at Benares

December 28 Benares–Gaya (rail); Gaya–Bodh Gaya–Gaya (road)

December 28-29 night Gaya–Howra (rail)

December 31 Calcutta–Dacca (air)

December 31-January 3 1957 in and around Dacca

January 1 Dacca–Comilla–Brahmanbaria–Mymensingh–Randina–Brahmaputra River–Mirzapur–Dacca (air: round trip without landings en route)

January 3 Dacca–Calcutta (air)

January 4 Calcutta–Bhubaneswar–Vishakapatnam (air); Vishakapatnam – Woltair (road)

January 5 Woltair–Bimlipatnam–Woltair–Vishakapatnam (road); Vishakapatnam–Bezwada–Guntur (rail)

January 6 Guntur–Nagarjunakonda–Guntur (road); Guntur–Tenali (road)

January 6-7 night Tenali–Madras (rail)

January 7-25 based on Madras

January 8 Madras–Mahabalipuram–Pondichéry–Anamalainagar and Chidambaram–Gangaicholapuram–Anamalainagar (road)

January 9 Anamalainagar–Coleroon River–Anamalainagar (road)

January 10 Anamalainagar–Pondichéry–Arikamedu–Wandiwash–Conjeeveram–Madras (road)

January 14 Madras–Bangalore (air); Bangalore–Nandi Hill–Bangalore (road)

January 15 Bangalore–Seringapatam–Mysore–Krishnarajasagar Reservoir Hotel (road)

January 16 Krishnarajasagar Reservoir Hotel–Seringapatam–Sravana Belagola–Hassan–Belur–Halebid–Sakleshpur–Ossoor Estate (road)

January 17 Ossoor Estate–Halebid–Banavar–Bangalore (road); Bangalore–Madras (air)

January 18 Madras–Jaffna (air); Jaffna–Elephant Pass (road)

January 18-24 in Ceylon

January 19 Elephant Pass–Vavuniya–Mihintale–Anuradhapura–Habarane–Sigiriya (road)

January 20 Sigiriya–Minneriya tank–Polonnaruwa (road)

January 21 Polonnaruwa–Dambulla–Matale–Kandy–Peradeniya (road)

January 22 Peradeniya–Colombo (road)

January 22-24 in Colombo

January 24 Colombo–Trichinopoly (air); Trichinopoly–Tanjore–Kumbakonam–Madras (road)

January 25 Madras–Hyderabad (air)

January 25-27 in Hyderabad

January 26 visit Golconda

January 27 Hyderabad–Bombay air port (air); Bombay air port–Karli Caves–Poona (road)

January 28 Poona–Kharakwasla (National Defence College)–Poona (road)

January 29 Poona–Bombay (road)

January 29-February 3 in Bombay

February 3 Bombay–Aurangabad (air); Aurangabad–Daulatabad–Khuldabad–Ellora Caves–Aurangabad (road)

February 3-10 in and around Aurangabad

February 5 Aurangabad–Ellora–Aurangabad (road)

February 6 Aurangabad–Paithan–Aurangabad (road)

February 7 Aurangabad–Ajanta–Aurangabad (road)

February 10 Aurangabad–Indore–Bhopal–Gwalior (air)

February 11 Gwalior–Agra (road)

February 11-14 in and around Agra

February 12 Agra–Fatehpur Sikri–Agra (road)

February 14 Agra–Máthura–Delhi (road)

February 14-27 in and around Delhi and second meeting with Nehru (the first had been in London “at some date in the nineteen-thirties”)

February 22 Delhi–Panipat–Karnal–Nilokheri–Thanésar–Kurukshetra–Delhi (road)

February 27 Delhi–Amritsar (air)

February 28 Amritsar–Lahore (rail)

February 28-March 3 in and around Lahore

March 2 Lahore–Harappa–Lahore (road)

March 3 Lahore–Rawal Pindi (air)

March 4 Rawal Pindi–Taxila–Rawal Pindi (road)

March 5 Rawal Pindi–Taxila–Attock Bridge–Peshawar (road)

March 6 Peshawar–Warsak Dam–Khyber Pass to Afghan frontier–Peshawar (road)

March 7 Peshawar–Charsadda–Dargai–Malakand Pass–Swat Valley (as far as Mingaora)–Peshawar (road)

March 8 Peshawar–arms factory–Kohat Pass–Peshawar (road); Peshawar–Rawal Pindi–Lahore (air)

March 9-10 night Lahore–Rohri Junction (road); Rohri Junction–Sukkur–along Rice Canal–Larkana–Mohenjo-daro–Larkana (road)

March 11 Larkana–Mohenjo-daro–Larkana–Sukkur (road)

March 12 Sukkur–Rohri Junction (road); Rohri Junction–Karachi (rail)

March 12-17 in and around Karachi

March 16 Karachi–Tatta–Indus Ferry–Karachi (road)

March 17 Karachi–(over) Horn of Arabia–(over) Abadan–(over) Basra–(over) Najaf–(over) Damascus–Beirut (air)

March 17-August 2 based on Beirut

March 21 Beirut–Byblos (Jbail)–Beirut (road)

March 22 Beirut–Baalbek–Beirut (road)

March 23 Beirut–Saida (Sidon)–Beirut (road)

March 30 Beirut–Byblos (Jbail)–Aqura–Afqa–Beirut (road)

March 31 Beirut–Saida–Jezzin–Beit ed Din–Bhamdoun–Beirut (road)

April 2 Beirut–Saida (Sidon)–Sur (Tyre)–Tibnin (Toron Castle)–Bint Jbail–Meis Jabal–Adeisah–Marjayyun–Khiam–Marjayyun–Beaufort Castle–Saida–Nabatieh–Beirut (road)

April 5 Beirut-Damascus (road)

April 5-9 in and around Damascus

April 7 Damascus–Deraa–Bosra (road)

April 8 Bosra–Suweida–Athil–Shahba–Suweida–Kanawat–Suweida–Izraa–Damascus (road)

April 9 Damascus–Beirut (road)

April 13 Beirut–(over) Damascus–(over) Shahba–(over) Jabal Druz–ʿAmman–(over) Kerak Castle–(over) Shobek (Montréal Castle)–(over) Udhruh (Roman fort)–Maʿan (air); Maʿan–Wadi Musa (road); Wadi Musa–Petra (horse-back)

April 14 Petra–Wadi Musa (feet); Wadi Musa–Maʿan–ʿAqaba–Maʿan (road); Maʿan–(over) Hijaz Railway–ʿAmman–(over) Jabal Druz–(over Damascus)–Beirut (air)

April 18 Beirut–Tripoli–Tell Kalakh–Qalʿat al Husn (Krak des Chevaliers Castle)–monastery of St. George (road)

April 19 Monastery of St. George–Borj Safita–Tartus–Ruad Island–Tartus–Lattaqieh–Ras ash-Shamra–Lattaqieh (road)

April 20 Lattaqieh–Qalʿat Sahyoun–Lattaqieh–Jisr ash-Shoghur–Idlib–Aleppo (road)

April 20-23 in and around Aleppo

April 22

April 23

April 24

April 27

April 28

April 28-May 1

May 1

May 2

May 2-5

May 5

May 6

May 7

May 11

May 12

May 16

May 16-25

May 18-19 night

May 19

May 19-21

May 20

May 21

May 21-22 night

May 22-25

May 24

May 25

May 26

May 27

May 27-June 1

June 1

June 2

June 3

June 4

June 6

June 6-14

June 9

June 9-11

June 10

June 11

June 12

June 13

June 14

June 14-16

June 15

June 16

June 16-20

June 18

June 19

June 20

June 21

June 22

June 23

June 24

June 25

June 26

June 26-29

June 28

June 29

June 29-July 3

July 3

July 3-7

July 6

July 7

July 7-11

July 11

July 11-17

July 12

July 14

July 15

July 16

July 17

July 19

July 19-22

July 20

July 21

July 22

July 22-24

July 23

July 24

July 24-29

July 25

July 26

July 27

July 28

July 29

July 30

July 31

August 2

August 2-3 night Beirut–London (air)



February 11 Lexington, Virginia, Washington and Lee University

September 5 Fiftieth Anniversary Conference of the Harvard Business School Association


July Cerisy-la-Salle, Normandy; “at Madame Heurgon-Desjardin’s invitation, I had the pleasure of taking part in a ‘décade’ […] at which my work was the subject of discussion.” (A Study of History, Vol XII: Reconsiderations, OUP, 1961)


unknown date


West Germany:

May Berlin, Freie Universität (lecturing in German)

May 12 Heidelberg, Aula of the Neue Universität (lecturing in German)

July 12 Mainz, Germany, Johannes Gutenberg-Universität (lecturing in German)


November 2 Rome, tenth conference of Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN


India, West Pakistan and Afghanistan:

February 19 9.30 am take-off from London airport (jet aircraft)

Feburary 20 5.00 am landing at New Delhi

February 20-23 New Delhi and third meeting with Nehru

February 24 New Delhi–Karachi (air)

February 25 excavations of early Muslim Indus-port at Bhampore

February 25 9.00 pm departure Karachi (train)

February 26 1.13 pm arrival Multan

February 26-28 Multan

February 28 evening Multan–Chenab Bridge-Multan (road)

February 29 Multan–Harappa–Baloki Barrage–Lahore (road)

March 1 7.30 am departure Lahore (road)

March 1 5.50 pm arrival Peshawar

March 1-30 on the campus of the University of Peshawar

March 2 Peshawar–Warsak Dam–Jamrud–Peshawar (road)

March 4 Peshawar–Charsadda–Mardan–Malakand–Thana–Malakand–Nowshera–Peshawar (road)

March 6 Peshawar through Khyber Pass to Torkham and back (road)

March 11 Peshawar–Attock–Abbotabad–Kakûl Military Academy–Abbotabad–Haripur–Turbela–bridge of boats over the Indus–Jahangiri–bridge of boats over the Kabul River–Nowshera–Peshawar (road)

March 13 Peshawar–Kohat–Khushhalgarh–Kohat–Peshawar (road)

March 16 Peshawar–Rawal Pindi (road)

March 17 morning Rawal Pindi–Peshawar (road)

March 17 afternoon Peshawar–Mardan–Shahbazgarh (Ashoka’s two inscriptions)–Mardan–Peshawar (road)

March 18 Peshawar–Kohat (Officers’ Training School)–Peshawar (road)

March 20 Peshawar–Shabkadar Fort–Abazai–Charsadda–Peshawar (road)

March 23 Peshawar–Charsadda– Takht-i-Bhai–Mardan –Nowshera–Peshawar (road)

March 25 Peshawar-Kund Rest-House -Khairabad–Attock Rest-House –Peshawar (road)

March 27 Peshawar–Nowshera–Mardan–Swabi–Ambar–Hund and back (road)

March 30 Peshawar–Lahore (air)

March 30-31 Lahore

April 1 Lahore–New Delhi (air)

April 1-17 New Delhi, with expeditions into Rajasthan

April 2 New Delhi–Siri (Begampuri Mosque, Khirki Mosque, Satpula Dam, Chiragh Walled City)–New Delhi (road)

April 3 New Delhi–Jaipur (air); Jaipur–Ajmer (road)

April 4 morning Ajmer–Taragarh–Ajmer (road and on foot)

April 4 afternoon Ajmer–Madaliya Fort–Ajmer (road and on foot)

April 5 Ajmer–Kishangarh palace and lake–Jaipur (road)

April 6 Jaipur–Amber–Jaipur (road)

April 7 Jaipur–Sanganer–Galta–Bhakrota–Jaipur (road)

April 8 Jaipur–Jodhpur (air); Jodhpur–Mandor–Jodhpur (road)

April 9 Jodhpur–Nagaur–Osian–Jodhpur (road)

April 10 Jodhpur–Jaisalmer–Ludra–Jaisalmer (road)

April 11 Jaisalmer–Jodhpur–Ajmer (road)

April 15 New Delhi, Indian School of International Studies




Montreal, McGill University

January 31 Hillel House, Montreal, debate with Yaacov Herzog, the Israeli ambassador to Canada


Spring Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania

May 6 Philadelphia, annual conference of the American Council for Judaism

May 12 University of Michigan, Honors Convocation

June 1 University of Denver

June 10 Williamsburg, Virginia, address at the capitol

June 11 NBC studios for Meet the Press, presumably Washington, DC

United Arab Republic:

December 2-22



February University of Puerto Rico


Spring, “five weeks’ journey in the Mezzogiorno”


June 6-13


October 11 Houston, Semicentennial Convocation of Rice University, Houston Music Hall


Visits to several Turkish universities

November 19 Istanbul



March 31-April 2, LA and UCLA

April 2 to Stanford

April 15 Grinnell, Iowa, Grinnell College


unknown date



February 19-April 22 Nigeria, Sudan, Ethiopia, United Arab Republic, Libya


Last quarter Denver, Colorado, University of Denver

December 20 (probably) to April 8 1965 Sarasota, Florida, New College



First quarter Sewanee, Tennessee, University of the South; South Carolina; Gainesville and Miami, Florida
February 18-20 New York, Convocation on the Requirements of Peace held by the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions



September 7 Itu



September 14 arrival Buenos Aires, Aeropuerto Internacional de Ezeiza
September 19 Buenos Aires, Museo Histórico Nacional
September 28 Córdoba
October 6 Córdoba
October 9 Buenos Aires, Academia Nacional de la Historia
towards end of stay Mendoza



United States, final visit:

Beginning of April-June 8
May 1 Santa Barbara


November 9-December 13



March 20 University of Leiden


April 1 Paris, Institut de France



West Germany:

February 10 television broadcast with Südwestrundfunk, perhaps from Baden-Baden


Greece, tenth and final visit:



Toynbee’s writes in 1952, apropos his preference for the ancient over the modern world, that “though he had three times been shunted into and out of Venice by train en route between Calais and Constantinople, he had not set foot in Venice till the third of these occasions – on the 30th April, 1923, between the hours of 5.0 and 6.0 A.M. – and had then failed to advance farther than the pair of Late Roman Emperors in porphyry who embrace one another on the threshold of St. Mark’s”. (A Study of History, Vol IX, OUP, 1954)

His 1923 visit to Turkish territory was his third. In his second, he sailed from Athens and arrived first in Greek-occupied Smyrna, not Constantinople. His first visit did not take him to Constantinople at all. So perhaps he means that the train on those occasions, rather than he, was “en route between Calais and Constantinople”. Did he ever visit Venice after 1923? Not as far as I can tell.


“The gaps in my first-hand knowledge of the Hellenic World are large and serious. I have not yet seen Magna Graecia, Sicily, or Tunisia; Epirus or Paeonia (the present Jugoslav Macedonia); Amphipolis or Philippi or Mount Pangaeus; Rhodes, Caria, or Lycia; the Ukraine or Egypt (the two main sources of the Hellenic World’s grain-supply); or Bactria or the Paropanisadae (both now in Afghanistan).” (Hellenism, The History of a Civilization, OUP, 1959)

He would visit some of these places later: Afghanistan in 1960, Egypt in 1961, “the Mezzogiorno” in 1962.


“The glory of God, declared [footnote: Psalm xix. 1.] in the beauty of die unbegreiflich hohen Werke [footnote: Goethe: Faust, l. 249.] upon which the puny works of Man have been embroidered, was revealed to me when I saw Parnassus and Helicon and the Acrocorinthus from the Gulf of Corinth; the Acropolis of Athens from round the shoulder of Salamis; Olympus from Dhomokó (a white peak floating on air); Taÿgetus, stern-on, from Dhimitsána; the mountains of Crete from the crater-rim of Santorin, as they reared their heads out of the sea in the sudden visibility lent to them by nightfall; the Sun setting through the Golden Gate at San Francisco; the Via Appia Antica and the Inland Sea of Japan in the moonlight; Nara haunted by its holy deer; monasteries perched like eyries on the crags of Athos; cenotaphs of the heroes of Japan under the shadow of giant cryptomerias on Koya San; the Great Wall of China wriggling like a snake over billowy mountains; the Roman Wall crowning the crags at Howsteads; the Siebengebirge writhing down on to the Great North European Plain; the Great North Road running out of Seoul to seek Peking; the Rocky Mountains rushing, for an hour before we reached them, to meet our aeroplane at a speed of three hundred miles an hour; the skyline of New York from the eastern approaches; the battlements of the Kremlin at 2.30 a.m. on a winter’s night; Lake Baikal with the Sun setting behind its engirdling mountains, as the train picked its way round the southern shore; the valley of the Connecticut River clad in its autumn scarlet and gold; the Mongol Valley of the Shilka and the Ottoman valley of the Hebrus; Boghazqal‘eh offering a grander stage than Hisārlyq for the Second Book of The Aeneid; the apparition, between serried palm-groves and serried palm-groves, of majnūn wharves and refineries at Abadān; Cologne Cathedral looming up at the end of a transcontinental journey home to Western Christendom from Vladivostok; the purple citadel of Jodhpur and the blue sky piercing rose-red marble fretworks at Ahmadabad; the ruins of Rievaulx Abbey from the terrace above; the Sainte Chapelle; Chartres Cathedral; Durham Cathedral seen stern-on from across the river, and the overwhelming first impression of the giant round columns, weirdly carved in hypnotizing patterns; Waynflete’s chantry in the cloisters of the College of St. Mary de Winton prope Winton; the ilex in the cloisters of the College of St. Mary de Winton ad Oxon; the Ayía Sophía, the Küchük Ayía Sophía, and the mosque of Mehmed Sököllü Pasha in Istanbul; the tiles in the mosque of Rüstem Pasha; the Qahrīyeh Jāmi‘sy with its live mosaics; the Green Mosque at Brusa; the masonry of Aleppo; the Altar and Temple of Heaven at Peking; the Pyramids of the Sun and Moon at Teotihuacán; the church-crowned pyramid at Cholula; Palenque defying the tropical forest; the thirsty cities of the Puuc; Monte Alban, at whose epiphany in his majesty the Acropolis of Sardis dwindles to the stature of a mole-hill; the cock-crows rising, faint but clear, from a sleepy city far below, as the dawn breaks upon the summit of the citadel of Afyūn Qāra Hisār; the blue wall of Taurus rising up sheer on either hand, as we sight it at the watershed en route from Nigdeh to the Cilician Gates; the bust of Antiochus the Great and the statue of Julian the Apostate in the Louvre; the bust of Nefertiti in the Reichsmuseum at Berlin.” (A Study of History, Vol X, OUP, 1954)


A Study of History refers to some of these travels. There are details in The Western Question in Greece and Turkey, A Journey to China, An Historian’s Approach to Religion, East to West, Hellenism, Between Oxus and Jumna, The Present-Day Experiment in Western Civilization, America and the World Revolution, The Economy of the Western Hemisphere, Hannibals Legacy, Between Niger and Nile, Change and Habit, Acquaintances, Between Maule and Amazon, Experiences, Some Problems of Greek History, letters to The Times, Susan Morton’s bibliography, the correspondence with Columba Cary-Elwes, and William McNeill’s biography.

Morton should be used carefully here. Presenting a paper to a conference or symposium is not the same as attending it. An interview broadcast on a foreign television channel and then printed might have been recorded in London.

The reference to German television in 1969 is from

[In progress]

cite more sources

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