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North African nihilism
Facebook and Amazon double standards
The killing
Destruction of Palmyra
Brown Uncle Toms
They make a desert and they call it Islam
Dwellers in the roaring waste
Dances of the little crocodile
The essential John Julius Norwich
Simenon 192
The stones of Anatolia
Slavs as slaves
Patriarch and Pope
The fancy price
The Ob
Russian rivers
From Delos
Late quartets
Kiev, Novgorod and Moscow
Singapore, 1965-
Robert Conquest
The Finland station
A fascist song by Sibelius
Karelia’s story
A rough guide to Karelia
The Ransom of the Soul
Accent, quantity, rhyme
Owen Chadwick 2
Archangel, Riga, Odessa
Babylon and Zion
Finland and Russia, 1809-1919
Owen Chadwick
Finland in London
Rational reforms
Rome on verge of collapse
Family portrait
Gunther Schuller
Jon Vickers
Drones and apostates
Blood is seed
Omar Sharif’s religion
The Greeks and Their Heritages
Mariori mou, Mariori mou
Fourteen Greek constitutions
Greece’s “strong democratic tradition”?
The tyranny of Greece over Germany
Eight Greek plebiscites
The Serbian-Hungarian border
Skalkottas sketches
Greek guitar music
The Archives of the Planet
Thessaloniki 1913
Singing Sephardim
GM Trevelyan on film 2
The Turkish spy
From the latifundia to Eni
Old command
Salonika 1912
Demotic China
Port Said to Yokohama
Siam and the West, 1511-1932
Conrad in Bangkok
Siam’s 1688 revolution
Southeast Asian languages
From the Yangtze to the Gulf of Thailand
Mystery in Siam, and other unlucky kings
Violent Buddhists
Tuba concerto
The romance of simple maps
Jews and Muslims in Christendom
Odi et amo
Dogs, Hoops and Running Boys
Gibbon and the defence of America
Mozart’s emperor
Hermit crabs
Leonardo and digital death
Rush-hour in Hong Kong
Egypt and India, 1915
Malankara Orthodox
The Melkite Church
Saint George Will Prevail
Sufis and Shiites 2
Fall of Palmyra
Sufis and Shiites
Sunni and Shia in India
The catacombs and the hills
Reverberations from the Morea
Fear the wolves
Flying doctors
Mehmet the Conqueror
A polite message to Salafists
Religious diehards
Two portraits
A well worn tag
Since Nine O’Clock
The First Step
VE Day
Secret wars
The monks of Capraria
Rutilius Namatianus
A limited period
Temporary personalities
Election posts
Reading backwards
Composers doing normal shit
Alan Macfarlane online
Gargano and Compostela
The last and the first
Christopher Bayly
Berlin ’45
“El Carr”
More Sir Mortimer
Corrupt and friendly
The leper’s squint
Sir Mortimer again
The archaeologists
Sir Mortimer on Animal, Vegetable, Mineral?
Le printemps
Underwater dreams
Aspects of Grass
Tchaikovsky and klezmer
The age of the pogrom
The altar
More crews
The Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race, 1829-
Toynbee Prize
Toynbee Prize Foundation
Calcutta’s zenith
When did I learn the music of Traviata?
Penang and Singapore in 1929
Singapore’s second founder
London palaces
Boulez’s Water Music
Boulez at 90 continued
Dérive I
Boulez at 90
The rise of Mandarin
Singapore and UAE
Lee and English
Singaporean shirtsleeves
A civilised society
1965: Singapore rejected
The BBC and Lee Kuan Yew
Lee and the Facebook generation
Fanfares for Richard III
Defeat in the west
Christian brigands
Lee Kuan Yew and the nation-builders
Mirabeau’s warning
Pallid parliament
The straw hat and the dressing-gown
Abandoning Cairo
Azov and Baltic
Toynbee and Indiana Jones at Versailles
Ivan Roots
Soviet composers
“I shall not alter a single note”
Turkey and Poland
Destruction of Hatra
Destruction of Nimrud
The Pony Express
The Rockies
India’s Daughter
How a corporation replaced the Mughal Empire
The wise and kindly way of life
Trafalgar Square 1879 continued further
A Victorian
Trafalgar Square 1879 continued
Trafalgar Square 1879
The unchanging West
Peter’s war
The unchanging East
Volcanoes and Titans
Vesuvius ’44
Wells on Cnossos
There is no Malta
The national idea
Britain and Crete
Hiroshima, Tokyo, Nagasaki, Hamburg
Church of the Cross
Bombing Dresden
Semitic outliers
Bitter Lake
Nought shall make us rue
Magna Carta
BBC Russian adaptation, Radio 4
Peter Partner
Schliemann and his father
Romancing Schliemann
The drunken miller
Fauré in 1913
The Internet’s Own Boy
Martin Gilbert
Le bon général ordinaire and le grand chef
Cameron and Churchill
Chinese and Western poetry
Confucius and the Nationalists
After Collecting the Autumn Taxes
Chinese themes
Another poem about laziness
Chinese Gordon and the Chinese
Manchus, Chinese and Mongols
Islamic idolatry
To Wang Lun
Toynbee at UCLA
Dyed goatees
The top 25 events
Third Saudi State
WEF: Davos history
WEF: Other meetings
Davos: village and cantonal history
Davos: music
Davos 2015
A Davos Lied von der Erde
Mongols of the sea
Greece and Japan
The Harmonious Blacksmith
Tender-hearted Muhammad
The failure of the League
Achaemenid mnemonic
Hellenism abandoned
Celestial light
Michael Kennedy
Antony Hopkins
William Dalrymple
Todenhöfer on ISIS
Damascus and Mosul
Sir Aurel’s frostbite
The crucible of the Mahayana
Osmanli, Safavi, Timurid
The four khanates
Buddhism in Persia
Persia, 651-present
Persian capitals before Islam
Translator of the Quran
The Cretan villa 4
Like to the damask rose
Summer capitals, summer palaces
Margaret Aston
GM Trevelyan on film
The high meadows of Hunza
Thesiger’s voice
The Cretan villa 3
The empty niche
National Museum, Saudi Arabia
Arabian Dance
Medieval Egypt
The Cretan villa 2
The towers of Afrasiab
The Cretan villa
From Glencoe to the Clearances
Éllinas and Romyós
Winston Churchill par Hugh Trevor-Roper
The rightly-guided
Chester and Africa
Three New England triptyches
The destruction of Louvain 5
The destruction of Louvain 4
The destruction of Louvain 3
The destruction of Louvain 2
The destruction of Louvain 1
A rainy day in Piccadilly
The martyrdom of the Moriscos
Limewood and sandstone
Memories of a nation
Germany: Memories of a Nation
One hundred years ago
Justin Martyr
Young and old
Your Aunt Nellie and I
Religion in Africa
The tailor’s soul
Moroni’s tailor
Broken lights 2
Broken lights
The hubris of Innocent III
II n’y a plus de Pyrénées
Tales from the India Office
The prisoners of Ezra
Historians of the Ilkhanate
Treitschke on the Turks
Rat pie
Confrontations in Hong Kong
Three monsters
Eisenstein filmography
English composers and women
Still lifes
The abomination of desolation
Order of professions
Antitypes of cosmic dawns
The good things about Gregory
Not a wisp of Islamic glory
Roman Internet
Abandoned virtuosity 2
The Benin massacres
Dread of birth
Abandoned virtuosity
The Brahms of Brahms
The screen
Shades of the prison-house
Music of the forest
Guarantee 2
Jewish legion
Jacob Epstein
Epstein in the Strand
Miss Strudwick
Descensus Averni
The burning of Washington
The Berlin Airlift 2
The Berlin Airlift
History Revealed
The Christmas Story of the 50th Regiment
The death of Walter Flex
Soldiers bathing
The Wanderer between the Two Worlds
Eastern churches
Parallels, patterns, cycles
Blue Monday
Cuban Overture
Catfish Row
Indian churches
Christians and Yazidi
The invasion of Belgium
The lamps are going out
Why is Jerusalem holy?
Palestine links
West-Eastern Divan
Palestine: the four solutions
What Hamas should be doing
Israel and South Africa
Why mustn’t we support Hamas?
Where are the Palestinian Gandhis?
1940 in C
The age of Medina
Damascus before the war
The Tablet archive
Acton and freedom
Marcham Priory 2
Marcham Priory
Roland Hill and Lord Acton
A useful word
The Pelican History of England
Power tends to corrupt
Carry on lying
History Today
Euphrates to Rhine
Nadine Gordimer
The best of all possible worlds
The Little Train of the Caipira
Islamic dynasties: 2, Umayyad Caliphs
Islamic dynasties: 1, Orthodox Caliphs
The exile of Thucydides
Argentina and Holland
Brazil vs Germany
Marcha solene brasileira
Grande fantaisie sur l’hymne national brésilien
Glorious Hector
Sebastião! Protetor do Brasil
Russell, Palmer and Bridcut
Venetian memories
Four gracious ladies
English Suite
Ravel’s piano trio
George Butterworth dances
The cobbler and the nightingale
Spring 1914
Absit omen
Former peers of the Minoans and Vikings
Îles Marquises
British accents
Austronesia: Madagascar to Hawaii
Migrations of Homo sapiens
Homer, Milton, Yeats
London’s creeping
Chesterton speaking on Canada
Kipling on film
The metamorphosis of Boudica
The discovery of Roman London
London in the 1890s
New Delhi and Simla
New truths about nature
Tony Benn and The Building of Britain
Tony Benn’s career
Shanghai Rainy Night
Summer Rain
“The Rest I Will Tell to Those Down in Hades”
Grünewald to Borromini
Tchaikovsky’s four surviving letters to his wife
War Cloister
The Spires of Oxford
Music in Oxford Street
Carnegie Hall, November 14 1943
Venice votes on splitting from Rome
Two Confucian princes
The shape of Chinese history
Return of the beard
The Herd-Boy
Pax Manchuana
Reading the world in 2012
A provincial capital in China, 1910-53
Tiananmen Square
The walls of Peking
The celestial ichor of the Children of Han
Chinese Gordon
Harold Acton
Kamikaze letters
The faultless painter
Rome on the eve of the First Romano-Punic War
The chair of Kichwa
San Juan Chamula
Westminster Hall
Spirit of Teotihuacan
Scottish separation
Survival of the Hinayana
High Baedeker and other matters
Confrontations in Singapore
The labyrinth
Cotton pickers
Winter Work 2
Private lives
Rosalind Murray bibliography
Spanish cities in the Americas
On an Overgrown Path
Taormina antica
Living in the sight of God
Maxwell Davies and the string quartet
Differences between Oxford and Cambridge
Atlas and Antaeus
The cohesion of the Hindu world
Emperors of Rome
Winter Work
Trevor-Roper’s letters
Taki on Davos
The world’s pin codes
Sarasota 1965
Hardly fiction
Gabriel Prokofiev
Does Scandinavia want Scotland?
African languages
Abbado again
The Hindu forest
A freak of nature
Menuhin at Davos
LGBT issues and Davos
Urbs in montibus
White radiance
Divided loves
Ornate aliases
Une page d’éphéméride
Claudio Abbado
Tchaikovsky en route to Davos
Davos 2014
Sex and the French
Eastern Christianity and sacred space
Winter Daydreams
Rodin in 1915
The Fallacies of Hope
Impression of a Balzac list
Christmas in Australia
Reluctant churchmen in late antiquity
The dreamy student of Wittenberg 2
The dreamy student of Wittenberg
Light and darkness
Old song
Rivonia 7: I am prepared to die
Rivonia 6: Communism
Rivonia 5: Umkhonto we Sizwe
Rivonia 4: The African National Congress
Rivonia 3: The question of violence
Rivonia 2: African antecedents
Rivonia 1
History of Western music in five minutes
Centre of South Asian Studies
North Korea and Cambodia
South Africa and the Balkans
Pining in a gold cage
Industrial epigoni
Old world
Flying 2
A righteous man
Bavaria and Austria
Pure Land
Élégie pour Pierre
The Kamakura shogunate
Twin assaults
Canção do poeta do século XVIII
A war of amateurs
Cambyses and Carthage
The pitchfork and the flute
Tippett and Britten
Hymn to St Cecilia
Elegies for Kennedy
A rival civilization of the proletariat
The horror of the Hannibalic war
Furor Assyriacus
Parliaments and alcohol and that kind of thing
Sephardic Jews in the Ottoman Empire
Parting sentiments
The bandaged shoulder
The religion of Humanity
The Greek occupation of Smyrna
The perfect polyglot
Stepsons of Italy
The Smile of Reason
Crossing the Alps
Night musics
Hymn to the Night
Uncharted: The Berkeley Festival of Ideas
Ruy and Roy
Running into the sea
April 27 1945
Gibbon’s solitude
A cat’s amorous longings and laments
10,000 pages before breakfast
Random Partridge
The sick man of Europe
The leveller
The expansion of Greece, 1832-1947
Karl Amadeus Hartmann
Putin fact-checked
Vaughan Williams’s funeral
The rise and fall of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi
The normality of Tehran
The rise of Reza Pahlavi
Peter Hopkirk’s Great Game
The Persian point of view
A man of honour
Foreboding at Vevey
San Francisco
Menuhin and Mozart
Hashish 2
Martin Luther King and Toynbee
Österreichischer Lloyd
Chinese austerity
Turkish peasant-conscripts
Damascus 2009-10
Roads to Mecca
Reynold Alleyne Nicholson
Baghdad 2007
Five prophets
Toynbee in Argentina
Rome and China
The Grand Hotel in Yokohama
From Nagasaki to Yokohama
Stolen elections
A Bavarian in Peking
The European honey-pot
Higher hunters
Song for Athene
John Tavener
The long ripening
A Ciceronian and no Christian
Trotsky and Assange
Bison and Indians
Art in Haiti
Portrait of Papa Doc
The black Mozart
A rough guide to Hispaniola
Summer balm
1898 exam questions
Incompetent ambassadors
Lenin’s withdrawal and return
The technically best recording made before …
Alfredo Stroessner’s Paraguay
Protestants and Jesuits
A rough guide to Paraguay
History written by the losers
The King of the Wood
Ancient Crimea
Loyola’s withdrawal and return
Unfinished Symphony
A foreign country
Ein düsteres Jubiläum
Mystery religions
Far from the madding crowd
Occidental and Oriental
The confiscated harp
The great hollow
Our Town
The noisome cavern
The non-book of 1963
New life
The Reason I Jump
Scandinavian unions
Gothic mouth
Blown away by a tramontana
Caricaturing Persia
Baedeker, Britannica and others
The Red Road near Menton
Jewish revolts, Christian non-violence
A tea-party in Delhi
The resilience of the Caliphate
The Boyhood of Raleigh
Papal encyclicals
Twelve years
Dignity of rulers
Britten’s addresses
The coalescence of the Oikoumenê
The ship
La mer
The last days of sail
The malleus presbyterorum
Turkish peace
Emily Davison at the Derby
Russian America
In praise of Vasily Petrenko
Foreign fields
Inter-war cities
Thousands of civilisations 2
Thousands of civilisations
Ptolemy to exoplanets
Ainsi la nuit
Ghosts of universal states
The Chinese Pot
Christian missions in China
Chinese convulsions
Essence and accidents
In the Saronic Gulf
Last Chukker
Trade through war
The January 28 Incident
Territories of Chinese dynasties
Death and the Internet
Carillon de Westminster
Optimism about Karachi 4
Barbarism and religion
The Second Coming
Misery and iron
Song of the Bride
The procession in Mlada
On the Tombs in Westminster Abbey
A Conversation with Arnold Toynbee
Carbon dioxide
The faithful remnant
Bacon and the Jabberwock
All quiet on the European front
The European ideal
Namier’s eyes
The Foreign Office’s ignorance about Europe
After 1453
Jerome’s dream
The Eagle of Meaux
Two Maghrebis
Saving England
Albert Camus
The match
The bachelor kings of England
The Road at My Door
Franzensring 1906
March to the Ottakring cemetery, 1913
Matzleinsdorf 1909
The closed sea
Huguenots and Nonconformists
Puccini’s funeral
The final gong
Aurelian’s deluded soldiers
Song of ascents
Narcissus and Tithonus
Lilies of a day
Moral ships
Winter champagne
The Swahili coast 2
The Swahili coast
The high price
Henze and the happy turning
Bach: A Passionate Life
Election Day, November, 1884
Champion of Medtner
The other Boris Berezovsky
New York to Washington 2
New York to Washington
Philadelphia to Washington
New York to Montreal
Lily and crescent
Savages, peasants and slaves
Kafka on the Shore
Double great wars
A Roman cold war
Arabia Deserta
Non-European popes
Classic widows
The Authorised Version
Edict of Milan
The horns of Elfland
Wild cataract
Non omnis moriar
The Holy Mountain
Laziness and greed on Mount Athos
The tram-driver
The gigantic crime
Architecture and health
Irish and Africans
Britten and Pears in Purcell in Tokyo
Takemitsu for children
Hearth and hell
Boy with Cat, or Japanese song of summer
Enter the Garden: Toru Takemitsu
Richie on film
Donald Richie
Atatürk and Churchill
Toynbee and Voegelin
The song of creation
Brazil and Africa
America and Rome
William Dunbar
President Tyler’s grandsons
The music Tchaikovsky wrote in Davos
Rott Alba: Dugald Buchanan
A religious landslide in China
Tomomi Nishimoto
Slothful Germans
Dan Brown’s worst sentences
Death of HMV
The Ethiopian monkey-zone
Akbar and the Hindus
La law
Delhi Noir
Russians in Jerusalem
Rackham in 1939
Christmas Eve
The Holy Boy
Fifth quartet
The Sky at Night
Quasi adagio
Brubeck on Milhaud
The man who taught Brubeck
Constantine and Peter the Great
Constantinople and Vienna
Constantine and Ashoka
Moscow, the Third Rome
Bruckner 3
From Leo III the Isaurian to Francis II
Gavrilo Princip’s Sandwich
Facing east
Goethe in China
Bayle and Diderot
What Lips My Lips Have Kissed
To What You Said
Extreme points
The rout of Pan-Islamism by Nationalism
Gaza Strip
The calamitous seventh century
When Alisa met Elliott
The Age We Made
New Labour’s Britain
Simenon’s Le président
Léo Marjane
Fleur de Paris
Ray on Tagore
Panorama of Calcutta (1899)
Imperialists, westernisers, intelligentsias
Colonial Film
The sentiments of Ronny Heaslop
To His Love
Base Details
Blenheim Oranges
Persia, Macedon, Rome
The arc light
African thing jokes
Genus Homo
Two ages of uniformity
Tea Making Tips (1941)
Two Cooks and a Cabbage (1941)
Repetitive experiences
Ugolino and Elias
Henze in Italy
The first town in Europe
An immersion in clear, cool and still waters
Bitter Mohammedan gruel
Wie es eigentlich gewesen
The winter of Heraclius
Toy missiles
The scum of the earth
Cultural diversity in universal states
The first native American saint
The old Islamic order
The Mahayana and the masses
Five roads from Edo
America and India
King Norodom Sihanouk
Shiite pilgrimages
Syriac vs Hellenic
The Kingdom
Roman anarchies
Breslau, Northampton, Carlisle
Decline of the Senate
Napoleon’s unheard-of action
Wellington’s violin
Hits of 1962
Caligula: 1400 Days of Terror
Eric Hobsbawm
Hulagu’s hesitation
Yeats’s prose
Why should not old men be mad?
Charon and Hermes
The underworld of Potosí
The Light of Experience
Saint-Saëns conducts Henry VIII
The gaiety of nations
The wind in the ruins
Working men
Marching men
An English thing
Thou shalt not
The sewers of Lvov
Visions of the rubble
Vicar of Christ
Pax Technologica
In the temple of Jupiter
A crowned ghost
Rome ’44
Scioperi bianci
Muslim riots in Calcutta
From the sublime to the ridiculous
No more Pyrenees
Rachmaninoff plays Gluck
Tomb of Ignatios
Modern straits
Plus ultra!
Wellesleys and Lawrences
A dinner-party for Liutprand
The saddest story in post-war music
Nachtstücke und Arien
Africa’s “Agitators”
China, 1850-1950
The Last Survivor of a Dead Epoch
The Holy Roman Empire
The charm of Tilsit
Wellington and some French veterans
The cup of Lethe
Tiberius and the glassmaker
Religious categories in India
Sirkap, Purushapura, Sthanesvara
Two Swedish heroes
Kleitos’s illness
Our general state of happiness
Draftee from Kamisuwa
The US in 1789
Roy Harris’s Third
Dollar worship
If England live
The age of phantasy
World Directory of Minorities
Peter Brown bibliography
Brit art
Over the Pamirs
The Pamirs
The Silk Road
Critical Muslim
1897 and the end of history 2
John Alexander Smith
Remembering Mr Mahler
Digital Now
The Toynbee convector: Pages
Romans and circuses
We, the Web kids
The livery company
Hastings vs Ferguson
Capua, Carthage and Corinth
Not just Ray Bradbury 4
1837 and 1937
The White Man’s Burden
The vast and marvellous illusion
Sixty Years a Queen
1897 and the end of history
St Anne
The Ashikaga Shogunate
A Japanese city-state
War Requiem
Lieder and arias
Fischer-Dieskau, conductor
Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau
The Chinese beat
Montezuma’s revenge
The New York Public Library
Ten historical novels
Carlos Fuentes
Over the western front
Bertrand Russell on Christianity
Taliban poetry
Bertrand Russell on Israel
Imperial Messenger
Acis and Galatea
Two cultures
Baby bottles
Lords reform, 1539-1999
Holland and Bowersock
Defending Rome
Not knowing war
The Grand Inquisitor and Christ
Appointment in Samarra
American euphemism
1866 and 1871
Prelates on post-horses
The Latin Fathers
The Syriac Fathers
The Desert Fathers
The Greek Fathers
The Apostolic Fathers
To embed or not to embed?
Das grosse Sterben
The Great Transition
Unanimity in ubiquity
Ashoka’s missions
Holland and Davies
Christian Socialism in Austria
Dr Karl Lueger and Christian Socialism
Degradation of Italian
Migrating words
Siegfried Idyll
Fields and chimneys, 1902
FDR’s inauguration
The only thing we have to fear is fear itself
Great elementary things
The government you deserve
Abandoned roads
Pevsner on England
Glenny on Germany
Schama meets Hobsbawm
Geometry of limbs
Ritual, reason and revelation
London – Hong Kong
Leone Caetani
Fleeting contacts
D 960
The Toynbee convector: Criticism
Ignatius’s prayer
The significant experience
Outdoor and indoor
Musical signature
Tragic Overture
Very light soil
Mount Kenya
The Gospel according to St Matthew
Missa Luba
’20s and ’30s
Barbirolli on pre-1914 London
Theodosius I
The City
Che fece … il gran rifiuto
Half the house
Pictures of Syria
Selling Hitler
Voluntary Human Extinction Movement
Ahmet and Gokhan
Old Time
A universal face
Dawn – Lever du jour
Jardin féerique and Belle au bois dormant
Petit Poucet
A second-rate practitioner of a dangerous trade
The military temper
The maquisard
The story of a priest
Karajan and Ozawa
The World and the West
Vice and rank
Symphony in green and grey
Jeffrey Sachs
A short history of Homs
The airman and the nomad
Magic Mountain
Gems of Welsh architecture
South Kensington
Study Guide
The situation
Serbs before Greeks
The snake
The Sultan and the Allies
Revolving restaurants
A hundred photographs
Walton in Italy
Julian the Apostate
Mahatma and Quaid-e-Azam
The number of dead
Etruscan sadism
Constantinople and Rome
Venetian people-traffickers
Flecker and Davos
Davos 2012
Polish emigrants
Hungary and Serbia
Rome’s discordant founders
On Board Ship
Syracuse, Nicea, Trabzon and Arta
President Truman and Brother Juniper
Quasthoff and Brahms
Thomas Quasthoff
Conrad’s stories and novellas
Babylonic militarism
Ottoman widows
Manzikert 1071
Paul Lewis
TH Huxley
Gentlemen of the French guard, fire first!
Carthage and Venice
Giacinto Scelsi
The Austrian character
Numbers in the Babylonian captivity
Hoping for the best
Simenon lists
Klaus and Mbeki
Armenians and Algerians
Balanchine again
Jeux des sons – and Christmas in St Petersburg
The dark horse
Václav Havel
Suite française 2
Figure humaine
Forster in 1958
Maugham and Muggeridge
Elliott Carter
The Kingdom, and Gramophone
The spirit of sectarianism
The spirit of nationality
Russian spring
Norwegian atrocities
Houellebecq, Lévy, Warnock, Scruton
A rare fascinator
Novgorod and St Petersburg
The French bourgeoisie of 1789
Cumberland Sauce
Christopher Logue
Salvation and the Mediterranean diet
Orestes and Hamlet
Civil War medical photography
Stalin’s daughter
Ken Russell’s music
Laughter in the quad
The Gordian Knot
Trevor-Roper at MI6
American primitive
Children of the sun
French in Egypt
Revolution in Egypt
Human dignity in South Africa
Once upon a time in Mogadishu
The common day
Was Tony Judt a serious historian of ideas?
Why Kenya invaded Somalia
The Garamantes way
Fame and Glory
Fires and shadows
Ypres and Netley
The Romano-Persian frontier, 64 BC-AD 634
Alma Brasileira
Independence Day in Itu
The four Bs
China destroys Kashgar
Otto Klemperer and the twentieth century
Les cloches de Genève
A hanger-on
Toynbee at Brideshead
Avars and Persians
A thief in the night
Waugh’s last diary entry
Waller and Horace
Tilly vally
No surrender: Japanese holdouts
Constantin Carathéodory
There are bad times just around the corner
Lie in the dark and listen
Twentieth-century Blues
Arleen Auger
The Wittelsbachs and Greek debt
Libya 1911-69
Not just Ray Bradbury 3
Not just Ray Bradbury 2
Not just Ray Bradbury
Indonesian shadows
Quasi-public spaces
The rich anarchy of the evidence
The Toynbee convector: Archives
Romans and Tamils
Culture and politics in Algeria
Perry Anderson on the historical novel
Loeb at 100
Engraving music
Boredom in Batum
Kurt Sanderling
Our Lady of Alice Bhatti
The last pink triangle
Steve Jobs and religious art
Regent Street
Ashoka and Akbar
The Field Cathedral of the Polish Army
What to do in Kuwait
Interstate 40
Someone so sunk in stale books
Voices from the Old Bailey
First weather forecast 2
First weather forecast
Things Ended
Calls to prayer
The Favour of Alexander Valas
The Retinue of Dionysos
Disadvantages of a classical education 2
The cavalry captured the navy
Lemberg in 1941
Breslau in 1939
Má Vlast and the Czech lands
The eighteenth century
The Indian summer of the Caliphate
The Red Cross
Greece and Russia
The decent inn of death
Syntagma Square
Dismal Austen
Who’s afraid of Hugo Wolf?
Arming the peasants
Mughal mnemonic
Michele Bachmann and history
Murdoch and the Hitler diairies
Horenstein speaks
Astounding Galanta
L’enfance d’Otto
The last Habsburg
Born on the 4th of July
Alessandro and Domenico
Gould’s Sweelinck
Henze at 85
Sir Steven Runciman reminisces
Rome without the historians
The Isles of Greece
To Helen
Pakistan again
Rothko and ruins
Sic Semper Tyrannis
Dangerous borders
Age of Greed
Modern towns
Achaei, Zygi, Heniochi
The boy and the fox
Elena Bonner
Thames Town
The state of the ocean
Lawrence’s dagger
Romance has lived too long upon this river
A town without qualities
The Balkans
Language and borders in Western Europe, 1919
Random avant-garde
Shepherds as a moral reserve bank
European autocracies
Ken Russell’s Elgar
English monasteries – St Basil of Caesarea
PLF in the Hofbräuhaus
PLF on Maugham
Leigh Fermor
Patrick Leigh Fermor
Infinite loop
Lazy Man’s Song
The translation of China 1
Vaga luna
The jealous god
Poverty in Pakistan
Interview with Bartók
The Toynbee convector: Criticism
Ibsen’s Julian
Random reviews
Shaykh Hamza Yusuf
Julian Seeing Contempt
Vacuous Julian
In the Tavernas
The Windows
East and West
Survival of the Confucians
EM Forster 1970 tribute
Tang poets
White gibbons
Chinese whispers
Gustav Mahler
O Mensch! Gib acht!
Rugby Chapel
The East-West Schism
Greater Syria
London in 1927
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Death of Communism in India
Cosmic river
The Arab Kingdom of Syria
China in Bordeaux
Chance and necessity
Alexei and Peter
Karachi at the end of the Raj
The Yacoubian Building
Nothing is at it seems
Greeks on the Indian Ocean
Platonic archaism
And then there were none
That “sweet Abbottabad air”
The dust-heaps
In an airship over the western front 2
Obama’s mother
Sweet Abbottabad

Who is Pakistan?
Troubles of Zahi Hawass
Emotional problem
The Obamas
Tokyo in the spring
Balliol, Trinity Term 1914
Scholar of Ethiopia
Strange Meeting
Syria since the Ottomans
The Dalai Lama’s deception
Yuri Gagarin
Civil War News
Herr Hawelka at 100
In Solothurn
Demonising Turks
The soldier’s dream
The Mughals’ helpers
The Ottoman Empire and the West, 1908-14
The LSE and Gaddafi
Saif and Tony
Over the edge
Nesta rua, nesta rua
The Hossbach Memorandum
Phoney War
What it is like to be Shiite
Pearl Square 2
Tahrir Square, Sanaa
At Gandhi’s shrine
Before 1914
Looting and spitting
Ruhe, meine Seele!
Chinese warship in the Mediterranean
A late antique tsunami
Terror and hypocrisy
Earthquakes in Japan
Bombing Japan
Historians against AV
Virgil the magician
Ayin symbol
The Arab return
Singing alone in Japan
Children’s carnival
Assyria in London
Afghanistan in London
The last Rajah
Julian at the Mysteries
Julian in Nicomedia
Oecumenical empires
Shahbaz Bhatti
Depredations of the Ottomans
In the Roman Campagna 2
Crisis of the green revolution
In the Roman Campagna
Alexander, Gama, Columbus
Emperors of Rome
Roman structures
Foghorns and radio
Street Arabs
Impressão moura
Pearl Square
Tahrir Square 2
Gulf regimes
The ox and the army
The last cavalry charge
The bigger picture
Paradise Lost
The sentimental nineteenth century
French and German delusions
Edmund de Unger
The pull of the east
Roman Europe to Roman Asia
Early Egyptian capitals
In the beginning
“The greatest of all hymns to liberty”
The end of the Abbasid Caliphate
The brotherhood of Man
Supper at Emmaus
Clouds of glory
Sanskrit, prakrits, modern vernaculars
The end of the Egyptian revolution
Lafayette or Metternich?
Mubarak’s thugs
An Anglo-Catholic
The Memory Chalet
Bernard-Henri Lévy
“I will die today”
Tahrir Square
Assassinations in Davos and Paris
Parag Khanna, Davos and diplomacy
James Bond over Davos
Old Davos posts
Davos 2011: Saturday/Sunday
Davos 2011: Friday
Davos 2011: Thursday
Davos 2011: Tuesday/Wednesday
Rott Classics: Eugippius
State-directed ecocide
How to change/run the world
Islam and Zoroastrianism
Russian ordeals
Song of the Indian Guest
The Toynbee convector: Copyright
Stalin and Shostakovich 5
Priest at the Serapeion
Israeli soldiers on the occupation
Robert Markus
Historian of Ulster
Scholar of Tibet
From Waterloo to Mons
The romantic bassoon
The master institution
Emperors of Rome: Augustus
The King James Bible
Obama, Kennedy, Harding
The Japanese and the Mongols
New Year’s Day, Japan 1946
A History of the World in 100 Objects
Elegy for Billy
Tolstoy on film
The Chinese Grand Tour
A Survivor from Warsaw
Wiping Palestine off the map
Die heiligen drei Könige
Christmas, Germany 1938
The Unanswered Question
The Seasons 5
Richard Holbrooke
The head of Henri IV
Michael Hagopian
Two journalists
God and the Persian kings
Thesiger bibliography
DH Lawrence
Britain in Yemen
The somnambulist
Thesiger in Africa
Thesiger’s question
Thesiger at 100
The Sea of Japan
East Asia
Foreigners in Cathay
Beethoven 7
Rome poem 3
Rome poem 2
Rome poem 1
Arsenic-based bacteria
Everything should have a history button
Wikileaks, Woodrow Wilson, WW1
London c 1949 again
Profile of Vidal
Love and Nature
The day nothing happened
Background of the Balfour Declaration
Simple Gifts
Keeping opera going in the 1950s
The inheritors of the Ottoman Empire
The 1880s and the 1980s
The Seasons 4
Collapse of the Cologne archive
The motive for Pakistan
Citizens Archive of Pakistan
Discovering Wellington
Three waves
Soft and hard wood
November 14 (and postscript on buffa)
Sculptor of Tyana
Google Books
In an airship over the western front
Five Books
Holding on
The last Maharaja
The stability of the Gulf
Clichés about Afghanistan
Anatolian regions
Old Shanghai
Not a wisp of glory
Before 1914
After Aurangzeb
The Paropanisadae
Navratri – Diwali
How moral revolutions happen
Istanbul, Lagos, London
Roman sunbathing
Andaluza and Triana
Mother Teresa
August 28 1963
Elephants, horses, Hitchens
Linguistic policy of Joseph II
The invention of Scotland
Historical novels: Waverley
Being articulate
Trevor-Roper and Toynbee
Five books on Palestine
Judt in the New York Review of Books
Pieter Geyl checklist
I Agree with a Pagan
Arts of Asia
Living national treasures
The Doctrine of Fascism
Moses and Aaron
Moses and Jesus
Shanghai 1972
Then and now
Stability and dynamism
The Seasons 3
Death by Water 3
Death by Water 2
Death by Water 1
The Prelude
Xanadu and Jehol
Hizb ut-Tahrir in 2009
Elizabeth II
The Indian Penal Code
Frankish tortoise, Visigothic and Arab hares
The pink rupee
Regius Professors and SR Gardiner
Basil Davidson
Paul Johnson’s Brief Lives
Sexually active popes
Trevor-Roper, Gibbon and Toynbee 3
Music for the Popular Front
Trois chansons de négresse
The uses of illiteracy
The lawns of Los Angeles
Talleyrand and living
The bleached race
Proms since 1895
Quiet City
Latens Deitas
Youth and age
Big Brother generation
An Old Man
A German composer in Naples 3
Sensible men of substantial means
Mozart in the Congo
Hugh Trevor-Roper: The Biography
First rule of blogging
Fifth prelude
There is no African history
Byzantine Constantinople
Diplomacy and commoners
The uses of torpor
Temperate and undecisive contests
Harmony of the World
Harmonia Mundi
The Jesuits in China
The Hellenist lobby
NWFP, 1901-2010
The cultured migrants
Hungarian Peasant Songs
Transylvanian Evening
The last Romanov
New York 1965: Ideology and Intervention
The Golden Age
Bill Browder’s story
The Scots on the Romans
Trevor-Roper, Gibbon and Toynbee 2
Trevor-Roper, Gibbon and Toynbee
The last battle
The failure of the Teutons
Christianity and the western barbarians
The ledge
The invisible army
Copenhagen in 1937
Major Quisling
Snakes and Respighi
Insurgent Asia
Tony Judt
Darmstadt in the ’40s and ’50s
Santa Barbara 1967, and the age of planning
A very rough guide to English parties
David Cameron and the lessons of 1867
Twelve unelected prime ministers
Harold Livermore
Global Biodiversity Outlook 3
The Seasons 2
The function of a universal state
My first piece of modern music
The first
Four Lib-Lab pacts
Respublica Christiana
Mandarin against Greek
Starkey & Co 2
E-books and typography
Volney and Cyprian
The Toynbee convector: Pages
The survival of the Brahmans
The Libri Karolini
As spoken by Lord Grey
Georges Simenon, romancier
The power of a comma
Union flags
In the Evening
Elegy for Young Lovers
Alberto Manguel
Memory of Borges
Brazil and Argentina
Welsh in Patagonia
The Torah in the Diaspora
Hammers of the priests
Five hung parliaments
Persia, Napata and Carthage
Where bishops fear to tread
Cold heaven
Bach Collegium Japan
October 1938
Greek cities in Asia
Debt to Eduard Meyer
Civil services: 3, British Indian
Kanda bookshops 2
Kanda bookshops
Charing Cross Road and Kanda
Historical novels: Mary Renault
The Persian stimulus 2
Sons and fathers
Six German atlases
Spring 1914
Barber centenary
Bitter bread
A soldier from Chitral
The end of freshness
Moral spices
Oc, si, oïl
Persia’s losses
Syrian School
Starkey & Co
Simon Schama spoofs
A Voice through a Cloud
Sir Kenneth Dover
The climax of the Holy Roman Empire
Mud, concrete and obsolete comparisons
The US and the Armenian genocide
City of swine
The Horses of Achilles
Guilty Men
A quadrumvirate
La chasse du jeune Henri
Chopin and Cortot
Victorian Hellenism 2
Najaf vs Qom
Alexandrian autonomy
Victorian Hellenism
Losing the world
In Damascus 3
The Marshall Plan
Rebuilding Rhodes
City cousins
A modern Trinity
The modern city and the modern novel
Peter Calvocoressi
Where do the Balkans start?
The Leitha
Messiaen on Pélleas
Messiaen on birds
In Our Time
Spirit of Davos
Auchincloss and Zinn
Bacchus Alpinus
A pose of humility
Lee Kuan Yew
Nineteenth-century Davos
Davos 1971-2010
Davos 2010
The Seasons
Haiti 2
Higher religions
Focused, frightened and frivolous
Hong Kong 1949
Union and uniates
The city and the pillar
The barbarian hinterland
The Oceanic world
Alzheimer’s and the novel
Napoleon and Rome
The first Australian saint
Lights of Geneva
Gladstone and the Kindle
The Human Comedy
1959 again
Freya von Moltke
Plus ça change
In the nightmare of the dark
Cuban Landscape with Rain
Homage to Brouwer
Krishna and Arjuna
The failure of Heraclius
Pfitzner’s question
Bernstein, Barenboim, Ceauşescu
Gladstone for the million
The Unanswered Question
Myris: Alexandria, A.D. 340
Simenon and Camus
Morning in November
Britain and Germany
German Rhodes Scholars
Revenge on Germany
German Oceania and China
German China
German Oceania
German Africa 2
German Africa
Prussianism 2
From Stein to Bismarck
Germany to 1813
Historical novels: Somerset Maugham
The Popes
The heart has its reasons
Amritsar and Lahore
A casual affair
Funeral march
The War Game 3
A place in the sun
The Yellow Peril
Welshmen and Bretons
Historical sentiment
Tusa’s 1989
The War Game 2
The War Game
Owning water
A noble paire
Botha and Smuts
Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?
Noel Mewton-Wood
Plotinus and Ali Hujwiri
Frank Lloyd Wright and other mysteries
Occupied cities
Wild apples
The magistrate’s hand
Geometry and ambition
Gods not wolves
An America of secrets
The raw data
An Oxford Elegy
Pax Mogulica and Pax Britannica
Olympic cities 1
Born in 1989
Hugh Lloyd-Jones
The Indian merchant
William Kamkwamba
Elegant Extracts
Curated Secrets
Alicia de Larrocha
The World at War
Rome, Constantinople and the sea 2
Rome, Constantinople and the sea 1
1,000th post
The Confessor’s confessor
The Staffordshire hoard
The last Ottoman
Cheating Malthus
In Kensington Gardens
Moving furniture
People Power
周朝 (Zhōu) 3 or 戰國時代 (The Warring States)
A Syrian student
Under the Persians
Churchill on Islam
Islam in India and the Balkans
From synoikismos to dissolution 2
Gibbon’s error
From synoikismos to dissolution
Saint Levatorius of Kovno
Russian assassinations
As três Marias
The six wives of Henry VIII
The twelve men on the moon
A follower of Symmachus
Horace Walpole
The landgrab
Arabs in the Ottoman Empire 2
The Syriac society
A pose of empiricism
Parag Khanna’s Second World
49th parallel 2
Storm in the Outer Hebrides
The new scramble for Africa
Reith Lectures 4
Trois poèmes de Jean Cocteau
Paysandú and Alfama
Indian princely states
Sea-horses over the Jura
Uyghur protests
Robert McNamara
M. Butterfly
The homoeopathic treatment of nationalism
The skirts of Eternity
Jason and Antiochus
Of the Jews (A.D. 50)
Jason – יסון
Volney and Gibbon
Indian horse-sacrifice
Jackson and Britten
The “Nazi army”
A preposterous thrust of opportunity
Off-duty Spartans
Onitsha market literature
A shoal of sharks
Entering Palestine
Southern Nigeria
Moral equivalency
Nigeria and Sudan
Greek against Greek
Melancholy late Romans and pathetic Gauls
Potter on Murdoch
South Africa before the Portuguese
The stuffy closet
Before the global system 2
Before the global system 1
Cape Town
Leo the Great
The silliness of George Bernard Shaw
The Alimenta Italiae
Barbarossa’s cave
Medieval fishermen
Mit brennender Sorge
Google design
Louis XVI’s final declaration
The nineteenth century
Her Britannic Majesty’s Representative
Noli me tangere
Envoys from Alexandria
Spoilt children and whipping-boys
The camera as Suetonius
Hellenism and Islam
Europe and Asia
United Artists of Dionysus
Byzantium and Greece
The Babylonian world-picture
Aelius Aristeides
The lunatic asylum at Aversa
Fête sur l’eau
The end of the Austrian army
Manila – Acapulco
Greek from Ancient Times
TIME lapse
An ice-cream seller in Basra
A Persian hiatus
The gardens of Hofuf
Maghrebian nihilism
World Digital Library
Pius XI
Refworld and UNHCR 2
Refworld and UNHCR
The yokel in the aeroplane
Minxin Pei
Robert Cornelius and Romantic hair
Boulevard du Temple
The Arabian Passion
4′ 33″
Rome to Cologne
Maurice Jarre
War and succession
London c 1949
A lost art
The stone and the carrion
Toynbee and the Outline
Lesser men
Silicon Valley
John Hope Franklin
Wells’s Outline – A thronging, amazing Paris
Lloyd George in Versailles
Another day in Mussoorie
Ruskin, Our Enduring Bond
The Austrian eagle
The clipper route
Parliaments in 1923
The Iron Age
Four modern saints
Rootless parliaments
Mamluk and Mongol
Messina and Marsala
In Damascus 2
Lakshmi Narayan Mandir
Crystal and spore
Persian in India
French law in Egypt
The professional man
The giraffe
Tolstoy and Tagore
The National manufactory
The dilemma of Agathias
Captivity and Schism
The Genoese in the east
In Damascus
Oliver’s Advice
On the Visé Road, 1914
Angel Island
Except the Lacedaimonians
Tabula Regionum Europæ
A macédoine
City lights
Sidonius to Talleyrand
A pillar of the emirate
Shaping the Post-Crisis World
Davos 09
Tchaikovsky in Davos
Davos to 2006
Gaza, gender, Galileo
Outsourcing enjoyment
Menander the Guardsman
In a Township of Asia Minor
The six cataracts of the Nile
Alla marcia quasi andante
The Tyrrhenian pirate
And then there were three
Delhi and Moscow
English translations of the Qurʿan
The beginning of the end
The return of nationalism
Toynbee’s travel books
Chinese pilgrims
The siege of Gaza
The Long Christmas Dinner
Indian temples
Two cruising Conors
The five fishes of Balyqly
Taj redux
Princess Coocoola
The flowers of Africa
Theophilos Palaiologos
Bertrand Russell 2
Bertrand Russell
Arab anglophiles
A German composer in Naples 2
Chinese in Naples, September 19 1823
A German composer in Naples
Susa and Ctesiphon
The Araxes
Papa 1 and Papa 2
The other Taj – the Gateway and the Gate
Millets and capitulations
The Laws of the Military Houses
The amphibian
The prestige of the Imperial office in Japan
Social change under the Tokugawa Shogunate
Roman funerals
Arriving in Constantinople 2
British law and Sharia
Peace conferences
Petra and Palmyra
100 South Africans
The spaniel of Couthon
Intellectual property
The impress of that mighty race
The city president
Over Istanbul
The Cossack Army of the Dniepr
The cataracts of the Dniepr
abcdespañol to Yayasan Dian Desa
Hagia Sophia
Arriving in Constantinople
Hittistes and clandestins
The shadow of the West
Greek prisons at Smyrna
Byzantium 330-1453
Spain and Macedon
The Mahayana’s Royal Road
The King’s Highway
The sport of militarism
Why the gods punish the rich
Ahmadinejad on CNN
The seven hills of Rome
Historical novels: Peter Vansittart
Two fronts
Pataliputra – Patna
Tibetan rivers
Collective egocentricity
Rosso pompeiano
Getting out of Iraq and Afghanistan
The wych-elm
A book to commission
A vein of ruthlessness
Slingsby Moor
Nero’s Deadline
Stalin’s cartoonist
Bread and Circuses returns
Random posts
In the Harbour-Town
Cities in a recession
Berlin and Busan
Islamabad and Doxiadis
German Wikipedia
Scotland – Ulster – Appalachia
The headmistress from Changsha
Not ready to cede a century
Love is God
The propagandist
The argument
The abridgements
The Study and after
Armistice Day and VE Day
Death in Hungary
Gaza gets a museum
Buddhism and Christianity
Criticism of Toynbee
Religio historici 3
Moscow in 1908
The Baltic coachman
On sale at Nice airport today
What Hadrian can teach Obama
Europe seen from Germany
Ten ghost towns
Strange events in ancient theatres
The Papacy in the sixteenth century
Naught for your comfort
Hugh Trevor-Roper on Walter Scott
Crippled by the scale of his task
Malcolm X
Babylon in Berlin
Tangents from my reading
The last year of the Horse Age
Versailles 1919
Toynbee and Young Indiana Jones
Omer Almagboul
British Industry
Selective sentimentality
Historical novels: New Zealand
Lafayette to Metternich
The shot heard round the world 2
Declaration of Independence 2
Declaration of Independence 1
The shot heard round the world 1
Small fishing villages
The Arghandab
Men of Afghanistan
The Old World’s eastern roundabout
Reith Lectures 3
Virtus Exercitus Romanorum
Transoxiana and Bactria
Afghanistan: A Companion and Guide
Afghanistan 2
Michael Wood’s India
Flying past Sodom
The weasel’s tooth
Weak but infallible
The God Abandons Antony
A satirist
Goodbye to Muscat
Henry Chadwick
Quot homines, tot sententiae
A ghost story by Cavafy
Hong Kong
Old East Asia: films of Michael Rogge
Bist du ein Berliner?
Latin in Hungary 2
In a Large Greek Colony, 200 BC
Loving your city
Dying daily
L’italiano in Turchia
The Lure of the East
The Far East and the West
Reith Lectures 2
Historical novels: Norway
Historical novels: Greenland
Historical novels: Hungary
Eh bien, mon prince
The Aksum obelisk
The WEF “on” the Middle East
La nursery
Direct and indirect British rule in India
A Russian on Rome
Insulting Islam
Yves Saint-Laurent, and Attalisme
The Eurasian steppe
Being human
Odysseus’s Secret
Uncontacted peoples
A Prince from Western Libya
Antony’s Ending
Going home from Greece
Peerages, baronetages, knightages
Groundnut days
Reith Lectures 1
Treasures from Afghanistan
Nabobs and sahibs
The Schleswig-Holstein Question
Two peace settlements
Gardens of intelligence
WorldWide Telescope
Chinese in Britain
The Leica
The Japanese
Goethe’s Italian Journey
Hellenic holy ground
Irena Sendler
49th parallel
Gallicus Tumultus
Palestine Remembered
Islam and slavery
Nakba 60
Canaletto and Tiepolo
Galuppi among the Cretan crags
Culture and the mother tongue
Last of the Dictionary Men
Piano transcriptions
Philipp von Boeselager
Hassan Dehqani-Tafti
On an Italian Shore
Prokudin-Gorskii 3
The Hapsburgs and the Ottomans
Summer in Damascus
The Aria Database
The hurdy gurdy
Malcolm X in Oxford
Advice to Hamas
A Dream Deferred
The Old Bailey continued
Judith Todd on Zimbabwe
The Sikh gurus
Revolts against caste
Indic and Hindu
Bringing a washing machine to Ghassan
Iraq and Egypt
Lucius Verus’s moustache
Bengalis reunited
Roman traffic
Sleepless in Rome
Holy cities
Bamiyan to Bumbusi
The online Hobson-Jobson
Religio historici 2
Dover Beach
Religio historici
Good Friday
A more perfect union
China and Africa
Jerusalem 1971 and Ahad Ha’am
Jerusalem 1968
Rabbi Kook
Rediscovering Cicero
The Ides of March
Assassination at Asculum
Gaelic into English
Westminster Quarters
Mahfouz in 2005
The compassion of the Stoic
Kissing friends
Misericordia vicina est miseriae
In Alexandria, 31 BC
Assimilationists and Zionists
From Muhammad Ali to Nasser
Uncovering Pakistan 2
Robin Yassin-Kassab
Like Mahmoud Darwish
Imad Mughniyeh
Lost opportunities of the Osmanlis
The moon and desolation
A very humane piece of rascality
Karachi sunsets
Uncovering Pakistan
Ancient Orissa
Sixty novels about Alexander
Historical whodunnits
The Economist, 1843-2003
Longbows and clippers
Imperial obituaries
Armour and intolerance
Domestications of animals
A wounded Greek apiarist
Namdaemun, Seoul
Calcutta 1969
The illusion of Norman Angell
Jewish and Christian Hellenophobia
Civil services: 2, Umayyad, Manchu
Syria and Nubia
500th post
Civil services: 1, Achaemenian, Ottoman
Turkish headgear
Centrifugal history 2
Histories of Europe
Davos 1884
Ctesiphon and Constantinople
The Continent
Toynbee and Ikeda 3
Davos 08
Sunni and Shia
Tien Shan to Himalaya
Justinian’s failure
Julian’s failure
Hessians in the British army
Divisions of the Roman Republic and Empire
Centrifugal history
Nepal and New Zealand
Disadvantages of a classical education
Abyssinia and Liberia
Old Tangier (and other places)
The dying world
A symbol of America
Forgetting Canada
Santa Cruz Island
Archaism in art
Carabas and the mob
Brigadiers and Benazirs
Marxist socialism: A page torn from a book
Relations between religions
The Chinese nurse revisited
Christmas 1961
The British way of denying atrocities
Hyderabad, Sindh
Enchanted London
Gould in conversation with Menuhin
Floor games
The artist as saint
The sense of history
Popes since 1789
Sound bath
Three 9/11 novels
Karlheinz Stockhausen
Yamoussoukro and Kamuzu
Child soldiers
The odium theologicum of our time
The temptations of Odysseus
Real Rossini
Real singing
Don Camillo and the Imam
The Nineteenth Century and After
Islamic forbearance
China and Japan
China and India
The synthesizing mind
Christian submission
The Yangtze
Regius Professors of Modern History, from 1724
China’s sorrow
Nineteenth-century group photographs
An ominous war
Yorick’s passport
Écrasez l’infâme
Requiem postscript
Life and death masks
The feuilletons
World Requiem
Cleomenes’ self-mutilation
The Hiroshima bomber and Eve Curie
The mask off-stripped
Nationality and the War
In Cairo
A Turkish sequence
Facing old age
The Trojan Women
Trumpeter Landfrey
Florence Nightingale
Browning’s and Tennyson’s voices
Calls across the Wall
Robert Browning
Yugoslavia’s “negroes”
Zero Degree Turn – Iran and the Jews
The limits of the British Raj
New York
周朝 (Zhōu) 2
The Ring
The two Eids
Eid-ul-Fitr 2007, Empire State Building
Moral and aesthetic obtuseness
Italians in the Crusader states
The age of the city-state in Europe
Enclaves and exclaves
Cold is old
Rich slaves
Five Davids
The Hydra’s heads
Saul, Jonathan and David
Hizb ut-Tahrir
Getting into MIT
David’s withdrawal and return
Nuclear war in Iraq and Serbia
The gates of Qaraqorum
Turbulent monks – the Pali Tipitaka
A life in London
Before the deluge
You Muslims
Neo-colonialism: The view from 1969
Colonialism: The view from 1969
The Caribbean
Inside Christianity
Lewis Namier and Ulysses
Trevor-Roper’s notion of a theory
Curious Expeditions
Rama’s Bridge 2
The Canticle of the Sun
Trams of Karachi
A rough guide to British Malaya
The Red List
Resuscitated languages
Nawaz Sharif
Seepage into Arabia
The Fertile Crescent
The end of Hellenism
Students in the West
A tale of Troy
The cause of Industry
A rebellious province
The ethos of a heroic age
Rama’s Bridge
Near Jakarta
The village in the jungle
Wafa Sultan
… Or Does It Explode?
Lost buildings
Latin chronograms
周朝 (Zhōu)
Christians against Roman military service
The Yazidi
At the stroke of the midnight hour
The Persian stimulus
The two cities
The philosopher behind the throne
The World without Us
The Times, 1785-1985
The Old Bailey
Homo hirsutus
Effeminate natives of Asia
Suite française
Optimism about Karachi 3
Optimism about Karachi 2
Norman Cohn
Optimism about Karachi
A hippy gesture
The Chinese nurse
What if Byron had become King of Greece?
Another Alexandrian What if?
Arrival in the country
The journey of Hellenic art
The University of Padua
Berchtesgaden etc
Old Beijing
Caput mundi
The Condor and the Cows
The raid of the Condors
Ils ne passeront pas!
Five-year plans
Moscow’s changes of fortune 2
Moscow’s changes of fortune 1
The Papal States
Summorum Pontificum
Río Muni and Fernando Pó
Stony ground: Roman law and Shariah
Benedict XVI and Islam
The world state
The Royal Society
Shanghai and London 2
The Church’s second millennium
America and the Wars of Religion
Shanghai and London
Loggia, arcade and shophouse
Summer in Algiers
Gustavus Adolphus
Britain and Europe
20 prime ministers in the 19th century
Moving on
20 prime ministers in the 20th century
The differentiation of Greece
This isn’t Shakespeare
Toynbee and Ikeda 2
Illicit Cultural Property
Prussia’s undoing
The three-generation rule
Strange maps 3
Toynbee and Ikeda
The Ancient Mediterranean View of Man
Atatürk’s frown
Propaganda and intelligence
Toynbee, Turkey and Armenia 5
Toynbee, Turkey and Armenia 4
Toynbee, Turkey and Armenia 3
Edward Elgar, June 2 1857 –
Mount Ararat
Europe 1916
Toynbee, Turkey and Armenia 2
World Brain
Southeast Asian archaeology
The last freedom
Le chant des Africains
The Battle of Algiers
Toynbee, Turkey and Armenia 1
The birth of Turkish nationalism 4
The birth of Turkish nationalism 3
Cutty Sark
The birth of Turkish nationalism 2
The birth of Turkish nationalism 1
Ticker-tape parades
Hellenistic philosophy and saddened Whigs
The Albert Memorial
Hunter’s Rulers of India
Charles Darwin’s letters
Babur’s horizon
Sachs’s last word
Shipping timetables
Princely States and British Provinces
The beauty of Greece
The second and third Romes
The wood for the papyri
Wilder shores
Curtain, veil and fez
Adrianople 1929
The Rollinger choir stalls
An Austrian hitchhiker
Minaret of Jam to Matobo Hills
Aerial bombing
The Austrian Adriatic, 1912
Genesis and purpose of the Study
The March of Osman
Paul VI’s travels
The advantages of disunity
Bursting at the seams
Tchaikovsky on communism
Zest, work and Tacitus
Soka Gakkai and Polly Toynbee
Epicureanism, and the middle way
Tōru Takemitsu
Japan’s heroines
Ottoman people and Orthodox churches
People of the Ottoman Empire
The Other Russia
Japan’s Romans
In black and white
Dancing in the streets
Japan’s heroes (for now)
Reform of calendars
Britain and Palestine
Britain and Egypt
Britain and the Arabs in 1964 2
Britain and the Arabs in 1964
Ephesus, c AD 57
The crosses of Lithuania and Korea
The divine irony
Strange maps 2
More Alexandrian What ifs
The summit of creation
The sun
Constable on Turner
Father and son
Unequal wars
The Concert of the Powers, 1815-1914
The balance of power in the old Europe
Athens, c AD 52-53
The human symphony
Roman and Sasanian into Umayyad
America 1940
Stories from Herodotus
Historical novels
Norway – Iceland – Greenland – Vinland
Naked Gauls
Elagabalus again
Alexandrian What ifs
Archbishop Ussher
The Old Kingdom
No Comment
Pictures of Muhammad 2
Impacts on Russia
Impacts on Japan
夏朝 (Xia)
Felipe Fernández-Armesto’s ordeal
Leaves and men
Cimmerian darkness
Russia 1945
The change
Respect for nature
Strange maps
Delhi: A Novel
Man’s worship of his own collective power
Hitler’s hands
Pictures of Muhammad
UK 2
Lord Dacre’s ordeal
Planet Earth
Caesar’s withdrawal and return
The UK
Hakluyt Society
Return of the Hyperboreans
Viennese antisemitism
To Delhi, from Farghana and Calcutta
The three books
Herodotus the globalist
Prokudin-Gorskii 2
1870 and all that
The frontier spirit
Transatlantic tragedies
American and European world views
Dominus Illuminatio Mea
A peaceful garden in England
Burials before a war
The vanishing point
Historic sieges
Dirk from Breda
Davos Man
The intelligentsia’s function
The Italian senator
The Arab conquests
The Athenian stranger
Existential fear
Is China expansionist?
Strange meeting
The Belgian deportations, Bryce’s statement
The Belgian deportations, 1916
Hyperboreans, Seres, Sinae, Ta Ch’in
The enigmatic question
An inconvenient truth
Man the amphibian, or The two paths
The Sun’s chariot
S Rozhdestvom!
An ancient
Eccentricities of the Emperor Elagabalus
Lactantius, and the Nuremberg Chronicle
Friedrich Hirth
商朝 (Shang)
The range of love
Roman portraits
Dies Natalis Solis Invicti
A private joke
The Scholars
The Chinese river dolphin
Advice on Muhammad
The return of the native
Waiting for the barbarians 2
Waiting for the barbarians
Towards apartheid, c 1930
A sour ferment
The world will be flat
The second Greek Dark Age
Synopsis: Preamble
A changing library
The silence of Acton
The distraction of Mommsen
Berlin to Baghdad
Lost empires
Anglo-Saxon attitudes
Nojuku 2
The Indian boy
Tales from the Vienna woods
Lessons of defeat
The end of the Roman Empire, part 2
The end of the Roman Empire
China in 1973
Manners makyth man
The soul of an empire
Mel Gibson in the middle east
The view from 1897
Why Graeco-Roman history?
Insulting religion
The position of Mecca
The revelation of Thucydides
The size of Attica
The father of microfinance
What the English have learned
Prehistory in fiction
The sorrowful cycle
Turkish genocide of Armenians
Latin in Hungary
Ghassanids and Lakhmids
The Indian road
The Iamblichan antichurch
Mowgli’s finger
Growing zeal in the late Empire
Adrianople 378
The age of water-transport
Saqi Books
Rising and setting of sun worship
Treatment of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire
The exporting of Arianism
Arabs in the Ottoman Empire

6 Responses to “List of posts”

  1. carol berger Says:

    I would like to contact Patrick Werr. Can you give him my email address and ask him to be in touch? Thanks.

    Carol Berger

  2. Kim Huff Says:

    Hello. Patrick Werr was a good friend and classmate of mine. I knew his family as well. Please pass my email to him. I have not been in touch for a very long time and would appreciate any assistance. I hope you are still in touch, I see it has been awhile since the previous entry concerning contacting Pat. Please email regarding your success. Thank You So Very Much. Kim A. Huff

  3. Edouard Dvorsky Says:

    Appreciated Mr Derrick
    I want to give you my congratulations, this site is a very important place for all people interested in History and Philosophy (in a wide sense of the term)
    I hope to continue a lot of years reading your interesting articles and collecting all the suggesting information and reflexions upon key facts involving us in the present
    A couple of questions to finish:
    what do you think about the theory of History sustained by Collingwood?
    I have read somewhere that Toynbee is actually not so much referred by historians because of a kind of reject via many jews which could see him as not positive upon jews in the sense of zionsm in political questions in the nowadays moment of History. What can you tell me about this ?
    Thanks so much for your kind attention

  4. davidderrick Says:

    Dear Mr Dvorsky

    Thank you. I don’t know much about Collingwood, but will investigate and do a post on Toynbee’s view of him.

    Toynbee was strongly anti-Zionist. And he disliked all tribalism. Is there a trace of the anti-semitism which was common among even educated people of his generation? I’d like to think not.

    David Derrick

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