The Toynbee system

The Category here called A Study of History contains passages in which Toynbee defines his technical terms, summarises his theories or writes about the gestation of A Study of History. It contains some arguments of Toynbee’s critics and my own explanations of some of his terms. It may (or may not) eventually contain my own synopsis of the Study.

Each of Somervell’s two volumes of abridgements of the main ten volumes of the Study contains an Argument which summarises the volumes with which it deals. They are too long to reproduce in full here.

I publish Toynbee-Caplan’s section introductions in the later, one-volume Caplan abridgement – another abridgement of an abridgement – here.

A list of Toynbee’s critics is here. Most try to summarise his ideas. The list mentions a “Study Guide” published by a Gale Group editorial board in 2002 which is nothing but a summary (it was available on iBooks in 2012).

[In progress]

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